Wine Refrigerators and Coolers

Wine Refrigerators and Coolers

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    Vinotemp is the leader in wine coolers and wine storage solutions.

    From single zone to multiple zone coolers to wine coolers that can store anywhere from tens to hundreds of bottles of wine, Vinotemp has the wine cooler for you. Browse our selection of coolers and find the best one for your wine cooling and wine storage needs.

    58 products

    Store Your Wine in a Vinotemp or Element by Vinotemp Wine Refrigerator offers stylish, economical, and space-saving wine storage and serving solutions for both residential and commercial use. Each unit is designed by Vinotemp International in our Southern California based, family-owned company. Whether you’re looking for a compact counter-top wine refrigerator or furniture-style wine credenza for your dining room, has a diverse assortment that’s sure to meet your needs. We are proud to carry both Vinotemp and Element by Vinotemp wine refrigerators.


    A Diverse Catalog Perfect for Wine Lovers:

    Shop online 24 hours a day! Our online store includes wine storage solutions such as wine cabinets, walk-in wine cabinets, wine lockers, wine rooms, wood wine racks, metal wine racks, and custom design, commercial and residential wine coolers and wine refrigerators. also sells beverage coolers, wine and beverage dispensers, outdoor refrigerators, and ice makers. If you have a wine cellar, our Wine-Mate Cellar Cooling Systems are designed and assembled at our Henderson, Nevada facility in a variety of designs such as self-contained, split, and ducted. Our housewares category has everything you need for entertaining, serving, and gifts. We have a sophisticated selection of wine glasses and tumblers, cleaning accessories, cheese serving trays, wine corkscrews, wine preservers and stoppers, cigar humidors, candles, and more. is also proud to offer Apex steam and saunas, including infrared.

    Find the Best Wine Cooler for You and Your Collection

    Before you select a wine cooler, ask yourself the following questions:
    • 1. How many bottles are in my collection?
    • 2. What is my budget?
    • 3. Where do I plan to install the wine refrigerator? Will it be recessed into cabinetry or freestanding?

    Small Capacity Wine Fridge

    A smaller capacity wine refrigerator will hold 25 bottles or less. We offer a variety of different styles and shapes that use both thermoelectric and compressor technology. Some are even as tiny as 6” in width! These compact wine coolers are perfect for the counter-top, mini-bar, entertainment room, or man cave.

    Medium Capacity Wine Fridge

    If your collection is between 38 to 66 bottles, a medium capacity wine refrigerator will be perfect for you. The majority of our wine coolers are designed with adjustable shelving, allowing you to store a variety of bottles sizes and shapes. Medium capacity wine fridges are great for your kitchen, dining room, home bar, or guest house.

    We offer an assortment of stylish wine coolers for a variety of installations such as undercounter, built-in, freestanding, or recessed. Wine refrigerators with a front vent design can be built-in or installed undercounter and can be installed flush with the cabinetry. Since some wine coolers are designed to be freestanding, they require little to no installation, making them quick and convenient.

    Large Capacity Wine Units

    If your wine collection has greater than 66 bottles, but less than 300 bottles, offers many dependable storage solutions. These premium wine coolers are made to mimic the climate of a wine cellar and will protect your wine collection from the three major enemies of wine; UV light, temperature fluctuations, and vibration. Special features include dual-zone technology, digital temperature control, LED interior lighting, insulated and/or dual-paned tinted glass doors, and patented Vinotemp wine racking.

    Many of our larger capacity wine refrigerators are for both commercial and residential use.

    Start Shopping

    Browse our selection of single-zone, dual-zone, freestanding, built-in, and counter-top wine refrigerators. Check out our Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide or give us a call at 1-800-777-8466 for additional assistance.