Ice Makers by Brama

Ice Makers by Brama

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    Brama is proud to offer functional, high-quality ice makers that will complement your space. Adding an ice maker to your home or business will save time by eliminating the inconvenient run to the grocery store to stock up on ice. Whether you are starting a kitchen renovation or looking for an icemaker for your wet bar, Brama has an ice machine that will work for you.

    1 product


    What is an Ice Maker?

    Ice makers, icemakers, or ice machines are designed to produce ice. Icemakers can be for home or residential use. They are available in freestanding, built-in, or countertop styles. Ice machines are available in different capacities and may produce nugget, cubed, bullet, flake or crushed ice.

    Standard Features of Ice Makers

    When shopping for an ice maker, there are some important factors to consider. The first feature to think about is the size of the machine. Whether you select a portable or built-in ice machine, you will want to ensure it can fit seamlessly in your space. Can you store the ice maker when it is not in use? If it is a built-in model, will it fit under your counter? Always carefully check the dimensions of your new ice maker before purchase to ensure it will work in your space. Next, consider the type of ice you would like. Softer ice, like flakes or crushed ice, is best for those who love blended drinks. Cubed, bullet and nugget-shaped ice is slower to melt, perfect for cocktails, juice, and sodas. The color of the ice may also be a factor; some ice machines produce cloudy ice while others produce clear. Lastly, how much ice do you need per day for your household? Most Brama ice makers can produce up to 50 lbs. of ice daily with a storage capacity of 25 lbs.

    Here are additional features to look for when shopping for an ice machine:       

    • Exhaust location: Will the unit be for freestanding or under-counter use?
    • Indoor or outdoor: Do you need to use your new ice maker on a patio or inside your home?
    • Storage bin: Your ice maker should have a sturdy bin that securely holds ice.
    • Scoop: Your ice maker should include a scoop for serving.
    • Reversible door swing: A reversible door swing makes it easy to pair your ice maker with a beverage cooler.
    • Control panel: Easily control and monitor your ice maker settings with a digital control panel.
    • Automatic overfill protection: Your new ice maker should have overfill protection to prevent the unit from overproducing.

    Benefits of Having an Ice Maker

    The primary benefit of owning an ice maker is convenience. Ice machines eliminate the need to run to the grocery store for ice or deal with awkward ice trays. Are you planning your next party? You will have enough ice to serve guests and keep the celebration going. Do you need to fill your cooler for a picnic? You will have plenty of ice on hand with an ice maker. Ice makers are also perfect for everyday use to keep drinks chilled, to make smoothies and more.

    How to Find the Perfect Ice Maker for Your Space

    Every Brama ice machine will include features such as a stainless-steel exterior, ice scoop, casters, plastic bin, easy-to-use control panel, and the option of ice size or volume. You can surely find a Brama ice maker that suits your kitchen or entertaining space. Questions about ice makers? Talk to our experts today by clicking here.