Wine Chillers

Wine Chillers

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    Whether you are bringing a bottle of wine to your friend’s house, chilling wine at the bar, or getting ready to serve guests at a picnic, Vinotemp has a variety of wine chillers to meet your needs.

    A wine chiller is simply a device that will cool your wine to your preferred serving temperature.
    1 product

    Wine Chillers

    Most people may think of a wine chiller as a classic bucket filled with ice, but there are more creative chilling solutions to choose from. Here are a few of the different kinds of wine chillers offered by Vinotemp.

    • Rapid wine chiller: The Epicureanist Quick Chill Ice Bucket quickly cools wine by incorporating unique spinning technology. Fill the reservoir with cold water or ice and the bucket will cool the bottle within 15 minutes.

    • Champagne chiller: Vinotemp’s Champagne Chiller is a single bottle cooler that can accommodate Champagne bottles. Its temperature settings can be adjusted to chill reds and whites including Champagne.

    • Wine bottle chiller sleeve: A wine bottle chilling wrap or sleeve is a freezable product that is placed around the body of the wine bottle. The gel inside the wrap is frozen, quickly chilling the bottle as needed. The best part of a wine chilling wrap is it is highly portable and does not require any electricity to use.

    • Wine bottle insulator: The Epicureanist Bottle Chiller is a sleek and modern wine chiller designed to hold one bottle of wine. Its thick and insulated walls prevent any condensation or drip rings on your tabletop. Simply add ice to the chiller and it will quickly cool your wine.

    • Iceless wine chiller: If you want to quickly cool a bottle without ice, try the Epicureanist Iceless Wine Display Chiller. To use, chill the coaster beforehand and add the bottle once you are ready to cool.

    • Wine chiller stick: The Epicureanist Wine Chilling Stick with Pourer is frozen beforehand and then inserted into the wine bottle when you are ready to drink. The chilling stick will cool the wine and helps to prevent any drips or spills while pouring.

    • CO2 glass chiller: For those who are looking to really wow their guests, Vinotemp offers the Il Romanzo Glass Chiller. This showstopping device chills wine and beer glasses, creating a frosty and entertaining presentation with each service.



    There are many benefits to owning a wine chiller. If you cannot afford or do not have space for a full-size wine cooler, a wine chiller is a space-saving solution for cooling wine. Many of Vinotemp’s wine chillers are compact, require no electricity, and can be taken on the go as needed. Even if you do own a wine refrigerator, a wine chiller can enhance your wine drinking experience --- anyone who has previously had warm wine knows how awful it can taste. Wine chillers also make a great gift.




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