Wine Chillers

Wine Chillers

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    Whether you are bringing a bottle of wine to your friend’s house, chilling wine at the bar, or getting ready to serve guests at a picnic, Vinotemp has a variety of wine chillers to meet your needs.

    A wine chiller is simply a device that will cool your wine to your preferred serving temperature.
    1 product

    Wine Chillers 101

    Whether you need to store your wine long-term or bring your wine to the best serving temperature, Vinotemp has a variety of appliances and accessories to help you maximize your wine-drinking experience. Do you need an easy solution for parties that will help you chill your Champagne or Moscato? Try a wine chiller by Vinotemp.


    What is a Wine Chiller?

    A wine chiller is a tool that will help you cool your wine to your desired serving temperature. Wine chillers can include Champagne buckets filled with ice, electric wine chillers, wine chilling sleeves, wine bottle insulators, iceless wine chillers, or wine chilling sticks. A wine chiller is a must-have accessory if you love to host and drink wine.


    Pros and Cons of Owning a Wine Chiller

    Owning a wine chiller has many benefits, but there are a few factors to consider before you purchase. Depending on the type of wine chiller you purchase, you may need to prep it before use. For example, to use a rapid wine chiller, you must plug it in and follow the manufacturer's instructions before use. Additionally, if you use a wine chiller bucket, you must stock your home with ice to add to the bucket once it’s party time. Wine chiller sticks and some iceless wine chillers must be frozen before use.

    Once the wine chiller becomes part of your party prep routine, you will surely enjoy its benefits. If you cannot afford a wine cooler or do not have the space, a wine chiller is a space-saving solution that can help you cool wine. Many Vinotemp wine chillers are small enough to take on the go-to picnics, parties, and tailgates. Even if you own a wine cooler, a wine chiller can enhance your wine-drinking experience; anyone that has previously had warm wine knows how awful it can taste. Lastly, wine chillers make a great hostess gift.


    What is the Difference Between a Wine Chiller and a Wine Cooler? 

    The terms wine chiller and wine cooler are often used interchangeably, which can be confusing. Both wine chiller and wine cooler can refer to a wine refrigerator or fridge, an appliance designed for storing wine. In this case, we use the term wine chillers to refer to champagne buckets, electric wine chillers, or single-bottle wine chillers that can cool wine quickly.


    What is the Optimal Serving Temperature for Wine?

    You can use a wine chiller to bring your wine to the ideal serving temperature. The best serving temperature for your wine depends on the varietal. Below is a serving chart that can serve as a guideline for serving temperature. Ultimately, the perfect serving temperature is the one that tastes best for you.




       Wine Style



       Armagnac, Brandy, Cognac



       Full Bodied Red Wines, Shiraz



       Tawny Port



       Medium Bodied Red Wines



       Amontillado Sherry



       Light Bodied Red Wines



       Full Bodied White Wines



       Medium Bodied White Wines



       Rosé, Light Bodied White Wines






       Vintage Sparkling



       Fino Sherry



       Chenin Blanc



       Pinot Gris/Grigio



       Sauvignon Blanc



       Non-Vintage Sparkling



       Ice Wine





    Can I Chill My Wine in the Fridge?

    One popular method for chilling wine before a party is to place it inside the kitchen refrigerator. While this may work, it is not necessarily the best option. The kitchen refrigerator is often one of the most used appliances in the home, constantly accessed by family members or roommates. As the doors of the fridge are open and shut, it can kick up the sediment of the wine, ultimately affecting the wine’s taste. Additionally, the fridge is home to leftovers and other foods that may have a strong odor and seep into the wine bottle. It is also important to note that the ideal temperature setting for a food refrigerator is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, which is well below the ideal serving temperature for wine. The best way to cool your wine is to use a wine chiller with a wine thermometer to ensure you are chilling your wine to its best serving temperature.


    Select the Best Wine Chiller for You

    A wine chiller is a must-have accessory for wine lovers. If you need assistance selecting the best wine chiller, please get in touch with our experts by using our Contact Form.