Under Counter Wine Refrigerators

Under Counter Wine Refrigerators

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    Whether shopping for a new wine refrigerator for your kitchen or more wine storage for your business, Vinotemp has a wide selection of under counter wine coolers to suit your space. Built-in wine refrigerators are convenient because they are designed to blend seamlessly into existing cabinetry or under a counter.

    15 products

    Benefits of Under Counter Wine Refrigerators

    Vinotemp offers a wide selection of under-counter wine refrigerators to fit your space. Also called built-in wine fridges, they are convenient because they can blend seamlessly into existing cabinetry. Read on to learn more about under-counter wine refrigerators. 

    What is an Under Counter Wine Cooler?

    Under-counter wine refrigerators are both stylish and functional. A wine refrigerator is an appliance designed for the storage of wine. Available in built-in or freestanding, an under-counter wine cooler can be placed under a countertop, into existing cabinetry, or under a table. These space-saving fridges are available in various finishes, including black, stainless steel, smoked black, and more. Under-counter wine fridges may be dual-zone, allowing you to store different kinds of wine at their ideal temperatures.

    How to Find the Best Under Counter Wine Fridge for You

    As you check out Vinotemp’s selection of wine refrigerators, you may feel overwhelmed with options. It would be best to consider a few important factors to select the best wine cooler for your space. First, take inventory of how many bottles you need to store. A small-capacity wine cooler may be best if you need to store only a few bottles. Next, consider your budget. How much money do you want to dedicate to your new fridge? Consider your wine purchasing habits and leave enough room for future purchases. Last, plan where you want to place your new wine cooler. It should be a level area that can support the wine refrigerator when fully loaded. Does your new wine fridge need to be recessed into existing cabinetry?

    What is the Difference Between Freestanding and Built-In Wine Refrigerators?

    Wine fridges are available as freestanding or built-in. The main difference between these two types is the location of the exhaust. If the vent is on the front side of the cooler, it can be recessed into cabinetry or built under the counter. If the wine refrigerator vents to the back, it is considered freestanding and will require more clearance on all sides to exhaust properly. You will want to follow any clearance guidelines provided by the manufacturer to prevent the unit from overheating, as the exhaust is where hot air is expelled.

    Benefits of an Under Counter or Built-In Wine Refrigerator

    Built-in wine refrigerators have numerous advantages. In addition to adding luxury and convenience to your home, wine fridges keep your wine at the proper temperature. Built-in wine coolers are available in different finishes, from panel-ready to stainless steel, complementing many spaces. Vinotemp’s under-counter wine coolers are made in a range of bottle capacities, allowing you to store large and small collections. Many wine coolers have multiple temperature zones, allowing you to keep one zone at serving temperature and another at storage. Lastly, if you plan to install multiple wine fridges side by side, look for a model with reversible door swings or ones with both right or left hinges.

    Pick the Best Under Counter Wine Refrigerator for Your Space

    Organize, store, and protect your wine collection with a wine refrigerator by Vinotemp. Shop our selection 24 hours a day on Vinotemp.com. If you need assistance picking the perfect appliance, please get in touch with us by using our Contact Form