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Glass wine cellars appeal to the most modern of wine collectors for many reasons. Their wall-to-wall glass enclosures create a stunning display and make the wine the center of attention. These glass cellars often include racking which creates the illusion that the wine is floating. This is achieved by using cable or wire racking, acrylic racking, or floor-to-ceiling metal wine racking. Glass wine cellars often include LED lights that illuminate the inside of the cellar without creating unwanted heat. Glass wine cellars can be incorporated into unused spaces, making for a stylish and smart wine storage solution. Today’s glass wine cellar does not have to be minimalistic in design or all glass. There are many different ways to incorporate glass into your wine cellar and adapt this trend to a number of different styles.

Here are some of the ways Vinotemp has incorporated glass into its custom cellar designs:

All glass wall: To dip your toe into this trend, try just one glass wall. This creates an inviting and luxurious look to your cellar.

All glass wine cellar: To really make a statement, surround your wine with four walls of glass. Your bottles will look like a valuable artifact on display at the museum.

Mixed material: The combination of glass and metal makes a bold statement in any cellar. Your wine will look like it is under high security. To add warmth to the modern look of glass add a natural or rustic element, like framing the glass with wood. For even more visual appeal, add beautiful slate or tile to the outside of the cellar.


A glass wine cellar is a beautiful addition to any home for a number of reasons. First, the illusion of glass makes the cellar appear as if it is taking up minimal space. In addition, a glass wine cellar can be incorporated into an unused area of the home such as an unused closet, under the stairs, or a corner of your living or dining room. A cooling unit can be added to your glass cellar, allowing you to store your wine long term under the proper conditions.


If you are a restaurant, bar, hotel, or store looking for an attractive wine storage solution, consider a glass wine cabinet or cellar. Incorporating glass allows you to display bottles while keeping them under lock and key. A cellar cooling system can be added to your cellar to ensure the wine is stored at the perfect storage or serving temperature. Beautiful lighting will illuminate the inside of the cellar or cabinet, directing the customers’ eye to the wine collection. Learn more about Commercial Wine Storage by clicking here.


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Check out how to install a HZD cooling unit inside the wall of glass wine cellar!

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