Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories

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    Wine requires special tools to serve and store, providing you and your guests with the best wine tasting experience.

    Vinotemp’s must-have accessories include tools that allow you to uncork and pour a glass as well as stylish accessories to enhance the presentation and overall enjoyment of the wine lifestyle.

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    Wine Chiller or Cooler?

    Sparkling wine such as white wines or champagne are made to be served chilled. Our elegant single bottle chillers will keep your bottle cool while you enjoy your meal. Additionally, they make an eye-catching centerpiece for the table or bar countertop.

    Wine Aerators

    Bring out the complex flavor of your wine using a wine aerator. By adding oxygen to the wine, the individual ingredients are showcased, resulting in a smoother and more dynamic taste. Pour through an aerator directly into a glass or a decanter.

    Wine Stoppers

    After you uncork a bottle, it is nearly impossible to reinsert it. If you have not finished the entire bottle, you will need a stopper. A stopper replicates the seal of the cork, preventing oxidization which can dull the flavors of the wine. If you are looking for an ultra-tight vacuum seal, Vinotemp offers both manual and electric options.


    Corkscrews work by spiraling down into the cork. Once the user applies force, the leverage of the handle will lift the cork up and out. Our selection includes traditional waiter’s corkscrews, winged corkscrews, plus electric designs that do the work for you.

    Wine Racks

    Ideally, wine should be stored in a cool and dark space with the proper temperature and humidity. The bottles should be placed horizontally to prevent the corks from drying out and becoming brittle. We feature a variety of wine racks including tabletop/countertop options, wall-mounted, floor racks, and more.

    Wine Decanters

    Decanters are vessels traditionally made from glass or crystal. Wine is poured into a decanter prior to serving to allow the wine to breathe and any sediment to separate and sink to the bottom. Most decanters can hold the equivalent of a standard bottle of wine.