Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Wall Mounted Wine Racks

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    If you are looking for a space saving wine storage solution, a wall mounted wine rack or hanging wine rack system is a great storage solution.

    A wall mounted wine rack will store your bottles securely while holding them in the horizontal position to keep the cork moist. Vinotemp has many racks in various styles, from modern to rustic.

    25 products

    Wall-Mounted Wine Racks Details

    Save valuable floor space by installing a wall-mounted or hanging wine rack system. The wall-mounted wine rack has become popular because it gives the illusion that the wine is floating. Available in single-bottle and multiple-bottle capacities, metal wine racks are an excellent storage option for both novice and expert wine collectors. Vinotemp’s wall-mounted wine racks hold the bottle in the horizontal position, keeping the cork moist to prevent oxidization. Our online catalog includes a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, and rustic.


    What is a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack?

    Wall-mounted wine racks save floor or countertop space by taking advantage of an empty wall or vertical surface. Multiple wall-mounted wine racks can be installed to fit larger wine collections. Since most hanging wine racks are modular, you can add more and more racks as your collection grows.


    Benefits of a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack 

    Owning a wall-mounted wine rack offers multiple benefits, including:

    • Multiple wine racks can be grouped to fit larger wine collections
    • As wall-mounted wine racks are bolted to the wall or ceiling, they are more secure than freestanding wine racks
    • Wall-mounted wine racks look beautiful
    • Wall-mounted wine racks hold the wine horizontally, keeping the cork wet to prevent oxidization
    • Wall-mounted wine racks are easy to install and do not require professional installation


    How are Wall-Mounted Wine Racks Installed?

    When mounting a wine rack to your wall, you should study the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure a strong and reliable installation. Some tools may be required for installation, such as a measuring tape, stud finder, hammer, screwdriver, and hardware provided by the manufacturer. Select an area of your home that will not be exposed to direct sunlight, with enough space for people to walk by without hitting the wine rack. Wall-mounted wine racks should be attached to a stud. The stud will provide adequate support to sustain the rack when fully loaded. If the wine rack consists of multiple pieces, each piece must be spaced a specific distance apart. This will depend on the size of the bottles you are storing. Once the holes for the wine rack are drilled, the rack is bolted to the wall.


    Wall-Mounted Rack Ideas

    Wall-mounted wine racks allow for versatile installation as they can be secured to any flat vertical surface that can hold the weight of the wine rack when loaded. Popular locations for hanging wine racks include wine cellars, wine rooms, kitchens, home bars, man caves, dining rooms and pantries. Wall-mounted wine racks can also be installed inside a wine cabinet, closet, or under stairs. Hanging wine racks can create a beautiful art display for your wine, adding style and luxury to the room.


    Should I Buy Wall-Mounted Wine Racks or Floor Wine Racks?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to both wall-mounted and floor wine racks. Both styles will keep your wine collection secure and organized. Both types of wine racks can be used inside cabinetry. Wall-mounted wine racks add a modern touch to a room, while floor wine racks are more traditional. Floor racks require square footage and can disadvantage those living in small spaces. Sometimes it can take longer to produce floor wine racks as many are made to order. Floor wine racks can be moved easily from home to home, while wall-mounted wine racks must be uninstalled before moving. Whether a wall-mounted or floor wine rack is a good match for your storage needs depends on your needs.


    Transform Your Space with Wall Mounted Wine Racks

    Whether storing one bottle or a hundred, wall-mounted wine racks can safely store your collection while freeing up valuable floor space. These sturdy wine racks hold each bottle horizontally, keeping the cork moist. Install them in your kitchen, cellar, or pantry --- they are sure to enhance any space. If you need help picking the best wine rack for your home or wine cellar, please feel free to contact us.