Furniture–Style Wine Cabinets and Wine Credenzas

Furniture–Style Wine Cabinets and Wine Credenzas

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    Vinotemp’s furniture style wine cabinets are both beautiful and functional.

    Each unit is equipped with digital temperature control and sturdy wood or wire racking. Our cellar selection includes large wine cabinets and wine refrigerator credenzas that will complement any living room, dining room, or home bar.

    Do you have the right wine-mate cooling system for your wine cabinet?

    Find the best cooling system for your wine cabinet or wine cellar by calculating the heat load using one of our calculators.

    Furniture Style Wine Cabinets

    A wine cabinet is a furniture-style appliance that can be installed inside a home or business. Wine cabinets can be custom-made to fit into an unused closet, under the stairs, or as a freestanding unit that complements the room’s décor. Read on to learn more about furniture-style wine cabinets.


    What is a Furniture Style Wine Cabinet?

    A furniture-style wine cabinet is designed to resemble a wood cabinet or credenza. Standard features include wine racking, insulation, lighting, door handles, and locks. When temperature control is desired, a cooling unit is installed to control the temperature and maintain humidity inside the cabinet. A furniture-style wine cabinet is a great appliance when you are serious about storing your wine under the right conditions.


    Why Should You Buy a Wine Cabinet?

    There are multiple reasons you should consider adding a wine cabinet to your home or business, including:

    • They are the ideal size for serious wine collectors who are still deciding whether to commit to an entire wine cellar.
    • Custom wine cabinets can be designed to fit in unused corners of the home, such as an empty closet, pantry, or under stairs.
    • For wine cellar owners, a wine cabinet is a great way to display a smaller part of your collection or those wines you need to drink soon.
    • Wine lovers who rent can bring their wine cabinet when it is time to move.
    • Furniture-style wine cabinets offer the warmth of wood, adding a cozy, luxurious, and traditional aesthetic to any room.


    How Do You Pick the Right Wine Storage? 

    When choosing the right furniture-style wine cabinet for your home or business, there are a few important factors to consider. First, evaluate your wine purchasing and drinking habits, and take inventory of how many bottles you want to store long-term. Next, think about your budget. How much money are you willing to dedicate to your new wine cabinet? Space is another important consideration. Do you have a space that can support the cabinet's weight when fully loaded, where the cooling system can properly exhaust, and with a dedicated grounded electrical outlet? Finally, consider the style of the cabinet. Does it need to blend in with its surroundings or stand out as a showpiece?


    What is the Ideal Temperature for a Wine Cabinet?

    Wine ages best under specific conditions. Wine prefers a cooler climate, with temperatures ranging between 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with 55 degrees being the ideal temperature. When wine is stored in spaces with large temperature fluctuations, the taste of the wine can be negatively affected. In addition to cooler temperatures, wine should be stored in a space with a relative humidity of around 70 percent. Humidity is required to keep the corks of the bottles moist, preventing unwanted oxidization. Vibration is another concern when planning wine storage. Wine should be stored in a quiet space, away from unwanted foot traffic. The space should also be dark, where UV rays or harsh, direct light cannot heat the bottle. These conditions can be controlled inside a wine cabinet when paired with a cellar cooling system.

    What is the Best Furniture Style Wine Cabinet?

    Furniture-style wine cabinets and credenzas offer both style and functionality. A wine cabinet can store your wine under the right conditions. If you need help selecting the best wine cabinet for your collection, contact the experts at Vinotemp by using our Contact Form.