Wine Peg Systems

Wine Peg Systems

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    Vinotemp designs exquisite wine storage solutions for private homes as well as for commercial venues such as wine stores and the hospitality industry.

    Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, modern, or eclectic, we can build a wine cellar to meet your specific taste and storage needs.

    16 products

    Looking for a modern and minimalist wine storage solution?

    Consider a wine peg system. A wine peg storage system is an artful solution that can grow with your collection. Wine pegs can be mounted from floor to ceiling, creating an eye-catching wall of wine. Pegs can be installed on a wall, inside a cabinet, or fill an entire wine cellar. This popular option by Vinotemp can be found in homes, bars, restaurants, and resorts.



    The definition or meaning of a wine peg system is a wall, cabinet or rack-mounted system consisting of arms or “pegs” that cradle or hold a wine bottle in place. The peg system is unique because it can expand as a wine collection grows. As you need more wine storage, simply add more pegs. This style of modular racking is versatile because it allows for wine storage in both tiny and large spaces. The peg rack has become popular because it gives the illusion the wine glasses are floating in place. Vinotemp’s wine peg systems are available in label forward or neck forward styles.



    Whether you own 6 bottles of wine or 200, a wine peg storage system can work for you. As mentioned above, the main benefit of this system is that it can grow with your collection. Before you purchase your wine pegs, consider the following:

    • Current wine inventory: How many bottles are currently in your collection?

    • Wine buying habits: How often do you buy wine? How long does your collection sit before it is consumed?

    • Location: Can the wall where you will be mounting the pegs sustain the weight of your wine collection? Will the wine be shielded from harmful UV rays?

    • Design: Consider the color and possible configuration for your wine pegs. Do you want the pegs to follow a specific pattern? Do you want the wine pegs to blend in with the existing space or act as a feature?



    There are multiple types of wine pegs to choose from:

    • Wall-mounted wine pegs: Many Vinotemp wine peg racks can be installed onto the wall. Each rack includes specific installation instructions.

    • Acrylic wine pegs: The acrylic wine peg is clear which means it can match the color and décor of any room.

    • Black wine pegs: Classic black gives the airy wine peg a sturdier and more masculine aesthetic.

    • 3-bottle wine pegs: If you are looking to maximize storage capacity, select a wine peg that stores bottles 3 deep. Also available are 1 and 2 bottle configurations.

    • Metal wine racks: Not the traditional wine peg, Vinotemp also offers metal wire wine racks that offer a similar illusion as the traditional wine peg system. These metal wine racks can also be used with grips for added stability.

    • DIY peg wine rack: All of Vinotemp’s peg wine rack systems include installation instructions that make them easy to assemble or DIY into a larger display.

    • Custom wine peg racking system: If you are looking for customized storage, please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution that works for your collection.



    Each wine peg sold by Vinotemp will include installation instructions or an assembly guide. It is very important to follow these instructions when installing your wine pegs. Most wine pegs must be mounted onto a backing board or wall that can safely support the weight of your wine bottles. When planning how to space your wine pegs, try grouping similar bottle shapes by row or column. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



    Ready to purchase a peg wine storage system for your collection? Shop 24 hours a day. If you are looking for a more custom solution, please feel free to contact us by using our Contact Form.