Free Standing Wine Coolers

Free Standing Wine Coolers

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    Unlike built-in wine fridges, freestanding wine refrigerators can be installed almost anywhere.

    Designed for quick installation, freestanding wine refrigerators are a great option when you want a simple solution and do not plan on building your cooler into existing cabinetry or undercounter. Vinotemp has a variety of freestanding wine cellars, including single zone, dual zone, and compact to large capacity designs.

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    Benefits of Owning a Freestanding Wine Fridge

    Here are some of the main benefits of owning a freestanding wine cooler:

    Available in either compressor or thermoelectric technology. Thermoelectric models use fewer moving parts, allowing for quieter, vibration free operation. Compressor based models are louder than their thermoelectric counterparts, but can reach cooler temperatures even when the ambient temperature is warm.

    Single or Dual Zone.
     If you are storing a smaller collection or prefer only one kind of wine, then a single zone cooler may be your best option. If you find that your tastes vary and that you would like to store a larger number of bottles, a dual zone cooler is perfect.

    Variety of installations. Smaller models may be placed on top of a counter or table. Larger models do not have to be built-in to cabinetry which means you do not have to demo existing cabinets. While you do need to ensure you are following each unit’s specific clearance guidelines, in general, freestanding units are easy to install.

    Stylish. Just like a built-in wine cellar, freestanding models are available in a variety of finishes and styles, from black to mirrored, stainless to wood finish. You are sure to find one that will complement your space!

    Functional Features. Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators include easy to use features such as digital control panels, interior lighting, sturdy racking, and more.

     Freestanding models generally cost less than their built-in counterparts.



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    Vinotemp has the best freestanding wine coolers to help your bottles stay organized and cool. We are constantly working to satisfy our customers with the best selection and service. If you are on the market for a standalone wine refrigerator, shop our online selection today. For additional assistance, please feel free to contact us by using our Contact Form.