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Wine Racks

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    Vinotemp designs exquisite wine racks for private homes as well as for commercial venues such as wine stores and the hospitality industry. Whether your wine rack style is traditional, contemporary, modern, or eclectic, we have the selection for you.

    From Wood Wine Racks to Custom Wine Racks options, we have the wine storage solution you need. For more information on Wood Wine Racks, please take a look at Wood Wine Rack Comparison.


    Space is a commodity at this Park Ave. apartment in New York, so Vinotemp came up with the perfect solution by converting a small closet into a simple but beautiful storage room for these wine lovers.

    Wine Cellars

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    37 products

    Wine Racks

    Wine racks are a simple and elegant way to store your wine collection. Whether you want to store two or two thousand bottles, wine racks are the best way to ensure your wine tastes delicious once uncorked. Not only do wine racks look great, but they keep your collection organized and help to maximize space. Browsing our selection on, you will see that wine racks have evolved over the years and are a great solution for your wine collection.

    What is a Wine Rack?

     A wine rack is a type of shelf or fixture with special cubicles that hold the wine bottle in place. Wine racks may hold the bottle in different horizontal, vertical, or tilted orientations. Wine racks are versatile storage options that can be mounted on a wall, placed on a countertop, hung from a ceiling, installed inside a cabinet, or in a wine cellar or wine room. Constructed from metal, wood, acrylic or ceramic materials, wine racks can match just about any style, from traditional to modern. Some wine racks may be small and only hold a few bottles, while others can hold hundreds.

    Why are Wine Racks Sideways?

    Most wine racks are designed to hold the bottle horizontally. This allows the liquid contents inside the bottle to touch the cork. If the cork is moist, it will keep its seal, preventing any oxidization or seepage that may spoil the aroma and flavor of the wine. When the wine bottle maintains its seal, the wine ages gracefully and will taste as the winemaker intended once uncorked.

    Aging Wine

    Wine will age properly when not exposed to its three enemies: light, vibration, and temperature fluctuations. Wine racks are designed to fit into a variety of spaces. You can place them inside a wine cabinet or closet to shield them from harmful UV rays. To prevent unwanted vibration, wine racks securely hold the bottle in place. The temperature will depend on where you decide to install your wine rack. We highly recommend an insulated and dark space where a cellar cooling system controls the temperature.

    Should You Use a Wine Rack?

    If you have crates of wine cluttering the corner of your home or wine stacked in the pantry, taking up valuable space, it’s time to invest in a wine rack and get organized. Wine racks are used to organize wine collections and are typically found inside wine cellars, wine coolers, cabinets, pantries, and more. Small wine racks can be used to display one or two of your favorite bottles of wine.

    Benefits of Wine Racks

    Owning a wine rack has multiple benefits. As mentioned, a good wine rack will hold the bottle horizontally, keeping the cork moist and preventing oxidization. Wine racks also keep wine secure and out of the way, preventing unwanted movement or vibration that can kick up the sediment inside the bottle and negatively affect the taste of the wine.  Wine racks add elegance and luxury to any space while keeping your wine in one convenient location.

    Types of Wine Racking to Fit Your Collection

    Shopping for a wine rack can be overwhelming. Vinotemp has numerous types of wine racks for sale that suit your home or business.

    1. Metal Wine Racks: A modern wine rack solution, metal wine racks offer function and style. A strong and sturdy option, metal wine racks may be stainless steel, cast iron, nickel, or powder coated. Metal wine racks are available in various installations, including wall-mounted, free-standing floor wine racks, counter-top, or hanging. Many can hold bottles one, two, or three deep, making it easy to store big and small collections. Most of Vinotemp’s metal wine racks also come with rubber grips or straps that securely hold each bottle in place.

    In addition to our stainless rack options, Vinotemp also provides a variety of versatile black metal wine racks that can seamlessly integrate into any living space, enhancing your décor.

    1. Wall-Mounted Wine Racks: Requiring only a minimal setup to achieve sophisticated and stylish results, wine racks for the wall are the ultimate space-saving wine storage solution. Easily fill a nook, whole wall, cabinet, or even an unused closet to create a beautiful modern display for your favorite wine bottles.
    2. Wood Wine Racks: A classic storage option, Vinotemp’s wood wine racks are durable and made to last many years. Like their metal counterparts, wood wine racks can accommodate large and small wine collections. These racks are made from pine, mahogany, and redwood. Both stained or unstained, wood wine racks can be installed on the floor, countertop, flush with a wall, or inside a wine room or cellar. Many are designed to be modular, so you can add to your wine rack as your collection grows.
    3. Wood and Metal (Cellar Trellis) Wine Racks: A unique blend of wood and metal, Vinotemp has a long tradition of combining these two materials to create sturdy wine racks. The metal used is given a powder coating to prevent the wine bottle labels from being damaged as the bottles are slid in and out with use. Some of the cellar trellis wine racks are constructed with display rows and bases, allowing you to show off the most prized bottle in your wine collection.
    4. Specialty Racks: Vinotemp’s creative wine storage solutions include acrylic peg, steel rod racking, modern peg wine rack systems, a table-top horseshoe wine rack, and even rotating wine racks or wine wheels.
    5. Tabletop Wine Racks: Great for displaying 1 to 12 bottles, Vinotemp’s tabletop wine racks are designed to work well with your kitchen, dining room, or wine cellar counters and tabletops. Curated for modular use, these racks are intended to store a few bottles or can be arranged in multiples to expand and serve larger collections.
    6. Wine Glass Racks: Keep one of the most important wine accessories, the wine glass, organized and accessible. Vinotemp’s wine glass racks come in wood, metal and wood/metal combinations. With a selection of mountable or tabletop options, these racks will keep your glasses dry and close by when you uncork that next bottle of wine.
    7. Custom Wine Racks: Don’t see racks that fit your collection? Vinotemp’s design team will work with you to create the perfect rack to display and protect your wine. Our team will walk you through the design process and help you pick the best design, construction and materials for your precious collection.

    Where Should a Wine Rack be Placed in a House?

    Wine racks for the home can be used in numerous locations. Before selecting the best space for your wine, pick a spot that is level, can support the weight of the wine when fully loaded, and is away from heat or sunlight. Some ideas of where to place your wine rack include the wine cellar, basement, pantry, dining room, empty closet, man cave, under the stairs or anywhere you need access to your collection.

    Find the Best Wine Rack Today

    Wine racks can be beautiful and functional, adding elegance to your space. As your wine collection grows, you may find yourself looking for the right setup that allows your wine to age gracefully. Our diverse selection of wine racks proves you can maintain style when building your wine collection. If you have any questions about our wine racks, please use our Contact Form to request a custom quote.