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    Why Should I Buy a Wine Dispenser?

    Once the cork has been popped, the wine should be drunk immediately. This can pose a problem if you are not ready to drink the entire bottle. An easy solution is to add a wine stopper or vacuum sealer to preserve the wine. While this may be a suitable option for cheap wine, expensive wine deserves a sophisticated yet easy-to-operate technology that preserves its unique taste. Vinotemp’s wine dispensers use food-grade, bacteria-free gasses to preserve an open bottle of wine for weeks. This means you can uncork a pricey bottle of wine for a customer or friend and not worry about spoilage. Read on to learn more about how a wine dispenser can help you save money while preserving open bottles of wine.


    What is a Wine Dispenser?

    A wine dispenser is a self-contained system that can dispense and store wine. Wine dispensers feature a refrigerated chamber where wine is stored and cooled. The dispenser uses argon or nitrogen gas to preserve the wine by replacing the oxygen inside the open bottle, keeping the wine fresh for several weeks. A digital controller operates the dispensing system. The user may choose one ounce, a full glass, or a free pouring option. Wine is dispensed directly from a nozzle into a wine glass like a soda machine pours pop.


    What are the Standard Features of a Wine Dispenser?

    Vinotemp wine dispensers are built to provide the convenience of a restaurant-style wine dispenser from the comfort of your home. Some of the standard features of Vinotemp wine dispensers include the following:


    • Unique preservation system that keeps wine fresh for several weeks
    • Compressor-based cooling and dispensing technology that adapts to varying temperatures and heat loads
    • Push button control panels with an LED display that allow the user to select from an ounce or a full glass
    • Glass viewing window to showcase wine bottles
    • Temperature range: 46° - 64° F
    • LED interior lighting


    How Does a Wine Dispenser Work?

    Wine dispensers are easy to operate. First, wine is loaded into an insulated chamber that maintains an ideal serving temperature. A food-safe gas is dispensed into the bottle to preserve the wine and prevent oxidization.  Additionally, a tube is inserted into the open wine bottle and connected to the pouring spout. The user can choose from multiple pouring options.


    Benefits of a Wine Dispenser 

    Owning a wine dispenser offers multiple benefits. Most notably, you do not have to drink the entire bottle of wine in one sitting, as the wine stays fresh for several weeks inside the dispenser’s preservation system. In addition to cutting down on wine waste, dispensers allow you to serve a variety of wines easily. Are you worried about your staff wasting money with heavy-handed pours? Wine dispensers are also designed to provide consistency with each pour. A precise pour is key if you are a restauranteur and charging customers by the ounce. If your servers are measuring with their eyes, you have not assured an exact result. Wine dispensers offer a precise pour preventing unwanted waste of wine and money. The interior of the wine dispenser acts as a refrigeration system for your bottles. This means you are storing and serving wine within a desired temperature range. No more over-chilled or warm glasses! Lastly, wine dispensers make it easy to serve wine at a bar, nightclub, home, or wine-tasting event.


    Can You Use a Drink Dispenser for Wine?

    Adding wine to a drink dispenser designed for water or other beverages may seem like a creative serving solution, but wine in a drink dispenser not made for wine is a problem. The biggest issue---- sediment. Sediment can build up inside your drink dispenser, clogging any tubing and causing issues. Sediment can make it difficult to clean or operate your drink dispenser. Adding wine to a water or drink dispenser is not a good idea.


    Invest in a Vinotemp Wine Dispenser Today

    If you are looking for a modern way to serve wine, try a Vinotemp wine dispenser. has a wide selection of models designed for residential and commercial use, making them the perfect addition to your home, apartment, hotel, bar, or restaurant. 

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