All Wood Wine Racks

All Wood Wine Racks

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    All Wood Wine Racks from Vinotemp. These wood wine racks come in different varieties of wood like Premium Redwood, Pine, Mahogany, etc.

    Vinotemp will design custom racks for you in whatever wood choice you desire; just give us a call for more details on availability and pricing. Our wood wine racks are handcrafted just for you! These racks are a great modular option to build your own wine room. Final Product can include labor/materials from the following: US, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Europe, Mexico. If you would like confirmation on where a product is made, please contact us.

    Explore work from our All Wood Wine Racks gallery for some inspiration, and transform one of your rooms into the cellar of your dreams now!

    View our all wood wine racks gallery for great racking ideas.

    12 products

    Wooden Wine Racks

    Vinotemp’s full wood wine rack selection includes wooden wine racks in pine, mahogany, and premium redwood. These beautiful racks are durable and stylish, creating a stunning display from your wine collection. Many of Vinotemp’s wood wine racks are designed in the USA and are made for simple home assembly.


    What are the Different Kinds of Wood Wine Racks?

    Vinotemp’s wood wine racks will suit any area of your home or business and can expand as your collection grows. Our modular wine racks may be assembled with no tools or glue required. These versatile racks can be placed on the floor or even inside a wine cabinet or closet. Stackable wine racks are a space-saving option as they can be installed one on top of the other. Our traditional wine racks look great in wine cellars and while some are designed to showcase each bottle, others are more practical and will fit around tricky corners of the room. Some of Vinotemp’s wood racks can also store stemware.


    How Many Bottles of Wine Can Vinotemp’s Wood Wine Racks and Cabinets Hold?

    Vinotemp’s smaller capacity wooden wine racks can hold between six to eight standard bottles of wine and can be installed on a tabletop or countertop. Larger capacity wine racks may hold up to 300 bottles and should be installed on the floor and/or along a wall. As your collection grows, expand your storage space with additional racks to create a practical but stunning showcase.


    What are the Features and Benefits of Wood Wine Racks and Cabinets?

    Vinotemp has a well curated collection of wood wine racks that offer convenient and stylish storage for your wine collection. Many of these racks arrive preassembled and are adjustable, making assembly simple and stress free. Combine a variety of wine racks in different sizes and widths to maximize your wine storage. Nearly all of Vinotemp’s wine racks are designed to store bottles horizontally, protecting the label and keeping the cork wet.


    Purchase a Vinotemp Wine Rack Today!

    Using a wood wine rack is a great way to keep your wine secure and readily available. If you are looking for a wide selection of wine racks for sale online, Vinotemp has many options to suit your space. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Use our Contact Form.