Outdoor Refrigerators

Outdoor Refrigerators

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    Stock your outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator or freezer from Vinotemp.

    Our durable chillers feature insulated doors wrapped in stainless steel to stand up to the weather and other harsh elements. Using powerful fan-forced cooling technology, Vinotemp’s outdoor refrigerators will work hard to guarantee you ice-cold refreshments. You can also install these units in your pool house, deck, or outdoor kitchen, anywhere you love to entertain!

    3 products

    Do I Need an Outdoor Refrigerator or Freezer?

    An outdoor refrigerator saves you excessive trips in and out of the house for supplies and clears up space in your main refrigerator, storing your entertaining essentials just where you need them. They are perfect for storing beverages, condiments, snacks, beer, wine, etc.

    Why not add an outdoor freezer, too? Vinotemp’s outdoor freezer can reach temperatures as low as -11°F. You may use it to store ice, meats, or frozen treats you are saving for a warm summer afternoon. It has a reversible door hinge making it easy to install side-by-side with another unit.

    What to Look for When Shopping for an Outdoor Fridge or Freezer

    There are a few things to look for when shopping for an outdoor refrigerator or freezer. First, you want to make sure the appliance you purchase is rated for outdoor use. Next, check the ambient temperature range of the refrigerator or freezer and make sure it matches the average temperatures within your area. For example, many outdoor refrigerators can withstand ambient temperatures between 30 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, think about what you want to store – will it be beer, wine, or food?

    Where Should I Install My Outdoor Refrigerator or Freezer

    Outdoor refrigerators and freezers are designed for the outdoors, but they are not 100% weatherproof. To keep your appliance operating for many years, plan to install it in an area that will be covered and out of direct sunlight. Under a countertop is best. A shade structure such as a pergola will also help to protect your appliance. If your area is prone to flooding, hail, and snow, install your outdoor fridge or freezer in an area with good drainage to prevent standing water from entering the cooler. If the temperatures in your area will fall outside the ambient temperature range, you will need to temporarily store your appliance in a garage or basement.

    Why is an Outdoor Rating Important?

    An outdoor rating means that the refrigerator has been built and is warrantied for outdoor use. Indoor refrigerators are made to operate in insulated spaces with steady temperatures, whereas an outdoor refrigerator can withstand heat, cold, and temperature changes. While some people have used indoor refrigerators or freezers outdoors, it is not recommended and will void the appliance's warranty.

    What is the Capacity of Vinotemp Outdoor Refrigerators?

    Vinotemp’s outdoor refrigerators range from 3.18 cubic feet to 5.12 cubic feet. While this is less than most standard food refrigerators, it is important to note that our outdoor refrigerators do not include a freezer in its storage capacity. Please review the images and owner’s manual for each model to ensure you find a unit with the ideal layout for your storage needs.

    What is an Undercounter Outdoor Refrigerator or Freezer?

    An undercounter outdoor refrigerator is a mid-sized to small capacity fridge designed to fit underneath a countertop or table. Built-in models have a front exhaust that allows them to be recessed. If a unit is marked as freestanding, it will have a rear exhaust and should not be installed under a countertop. It is also important to note that outdoor appliances should not be located next to those that generate heat, like a grill or stove.

    Is There a Limit on What I Can Store in an Outdoor Refrigerator or Freezer?

    According to FDA.gov, food should be stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in the refrigerator and 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in a freezer. When planning what you will store in your outdoor refrigerator, check the interior temperature range to ensure you are storing your goods at the proper temperature. Most drinks such as beer, wine, sports drinks and juice can be safely stored in outdoor refrigerators.

    Will Local Wildlife Eat My Food?

    To keep the contents of the outdoor refrigerators secure, most Vinotemp units feature a lock. This is perfect for customers who have critters visiting their outdoor space regularly.

    Invest in an Outdoor Refrigerator or Freezer Today

    Complete your outdoor oasis by purchasing a Vinotemp outdoor refrigerator or freezer today. If you need help deciding which model is best for your space, please contact us by using our Contact Form.