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    Refrigerators by Brama are functional, stylish, and available in various finishes and styles. Whether you need a double-door refrigerator that can hold enough food for a large family or a smaller refrigerator to complement a small space, Brama has options that will work for you. Here is what to look for when shopping for a refrigerator.


    How to Choose the Right Fridge for Your Kitchen

    Shopping for a new refrigerator can be confusing. Looking for some key details will ensure you make the best investment. First, determine how much money you would like to spend on your new refrigerator, plus the cost of shipping and installation. Next, check the dimensions of the space where you would like to install the refrigerator, measuring multiple times for accuracy. Before purchasing, gather the dimensions of the new unit, including its counter depth, width, and height. Consider how wide the door will open or its swing to ensure enough room. Should the new fridge be installed freestanding or recessed into cabinetry? Built-in refrigerators can be recessed into existing cabinetry but will require clearance to ensure they exhaust properly. Lastly, determine the electrical requirements of your new fridge. As with any major appliance, your refrigerator will need a dedicated electrical outlet.

    Different Refrigerator Styles

    Refrigerators are available in a variety of styles.:

    • French Door: French door refrigerators feature two doors. The refrigerator is at chest height, with the freezer at the bottom. Refrigerators with French doors have versatile storage options. The drawers are deeper and the shelves wider, plus the shelves are split down the middle allowing for many different configurations. More cool air stays inside the refrigerator because it is possible to keep one door closed while the other is opened. Lastly, refrigerators with French doors are stylish and add beauty to any kitchen.
    • Side-by-Side: The side-by-side refrigerator features two doors and two independent temperature zones. The refrigerator is typically on the right side, while the freezer is on the left. The side-by-side refrigerator is great for those who like to organize from top to bottom. Some advantages of the side-by-side fridge include more freezer space, less space needed to accommodate a door swing, and you do not need to bend down to access the refrigerator as you do with French door models.
    • Single Door: Single-door refrigerators are perfect for small spaces. Some advantages of single-door refrigerators are greater energy efficiency, compact size, and budget-friendly pricing. The freezer on the single-door units is typically inside the main refrigerator compartment.
    • Pantry Refrigerator: The pantry refrigerator is designed for use in the pantry or garage but is attractive enough to be used inside the kitchen. Pantry refrigerators can withstand higher ambient temperatures and greater temperature swings than standard refrigerators. A pantry refrigerator is perfect for entertaining when the room inside the main refrigerator is insufficient.

    Additional Refrigerator Features to Consider

    A new refrigerator is a serious investment, and you should look for features that will help you maximize use. Modern refrigerators include adjustable shelving that allows you to make space for differently sized and shaped food containers. For easy access to the back, consider a fridge with sliding shelves. Some refrigerators include beverage racking or drawers that make it easy to organize drinks. Vegetable and fridge drawers should have adjustable humidity levels so your produce stays fresh. Also, consider how much food you want to keep in the freezer and whether you prefer a drawer-style freezer or a side-by-side option. Other features include an ice maker, child locks, wi-fi connectivity, temperature alerts, and digital control pads.

    Match Your Refrigerator to Your Decor

    Brama has a variety of refrigerators in different colors to match your decor. French door styles in stainless steel can easily match various kitchen cabinet colors. Single-door retro refrigerators are available in bold colors, letting you make a fun statement in your home. The pantry refrigerator is available in black, which allows it to blend into any room seamlessly.

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