Custom Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellars

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    Vinotemp designs and assembles exquisite wine storage solutions for private homes as well as for commercial venues such as wine stores and the hospitality industry.

    Wine Cellar

    Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, modern, or eclectic, we can deliver a wine cellar to meet your specific taste and storage needs.

    Watch our video that gives you a brief overview on the cellar building process!

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    At Vinotemp we can design almost anything you can think of

    Custom Cabinets

    Custom Wine Cabinets & Wine Cellars

    With the largest selection of fine furniture wine cabinet and wine cellar designs available and the capability to provide any cabinet customization you dream of, we are proud to deliver professional wine cabinets with a personal touch.

    Wine Storage Projects That Are Fully Customizable and Fit Your Budget


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    We specialize in converting unused space into beautiful wine storage solutions. Turn a closet into a personal wine cellar or an understairs into the cellar of your dreams!
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    20 products


    With over three decades of wine cellar design experience and a reputation for being the best in the wine storage industry, Vinotemp has been providing custom wine cellar solutions to residential customers, the restaurant industry, retail stores, the hospitality industry and more. We can match both your functional storage needs and your design aesthetic. Whether you are on the market for a modern wine cellar, basement wine cellar design ideas, or a more traditional cellar design, Vinotemp has a cellar design for you.

    Your wine collection deserves the best storage possible. Owning your own wine cellar will take your wine hobby to a new level of satisfaction, pride, and organization. A custom wine cellar will provide your bottles with the proper environment for long term storage. The best wine cellar will mimic the conditions inside a wine cave. It will be dark, free from unwanted movement or vibration, store your bottles securely, and keep bottles at a cool 55◦F with just the right amount of humidity.

    Here are a few of the services Vinotemp can provide to help you build the wine cellar of your dreams!

    • Wine Racking: Vinotemp is famous for its diverse selection of wine racks. We can provide you with high-quality modern wine cellar racks, acrylic peg wine racks, metal wine racks, or cable or wire wine racks for your all-glass or acrylic wine cellar. If you are on the market for a more traditional style such as wood wine racks, we have those, too.

    • Cellar Cooling System: Check out Wine-Mate cellar cooling systems for a wide variety of cooling units. The wine cellar cooling unit is the workhorse of any successful wine cellar and can maintain the proper temperature and humidity inside your space.

    • Wine Cellar Accessories: Vinotemp can help you source everything from flooring to ladders, to security features such as locks.

    • Design Services: Our in-house design team can help you bring your vision to life. Once they are provided with specifics such as budget, dimensions of your space, style, and the number of bottles you plan to store, they will work with you to create a custom CAD design and quote so you can figure out the cost of your custom wine cellar.




    1. Gather all the details requested on the custom wine room or custom cabinet form. We will need specifics such as dimensions, if you already own a cellar cooling unit, budget, etc.

    2. Submit your custom wine room or cabinet form OR contact us using our Contact Form  to speak with a cellar expert.

    3. One of our designers will work with you to create a 2D or 3D design of your cellar. 4. Watch your amazing new wine cellar come together.

    Browse our wine cellar gallery for more design ideas! If you are looking for even more inspiration, check out our CAD gallery.

    If you have any questions about Vinotemp’s custom wine cellar services, please contact us by using our Contact Form today.


    A wine cellar is a climate-controlled where wine is stored and organized. Wine cellars may be located in a spare room, the basement, in a subterranean space, under the stairs, or even in an empty closet. Wine cellars are commonly used to age wine for five years or more.

    To age wine gracefully, it should be stored in an environment with the following elements:

    • Steady temperature of 55℉
    • Relative humidity of 50 - 70%
    • Dark room with no exposure to UV rays or harsh lighting
    • Quiet space free from vibrations

    The conditions of a wine cellar are controlled by passive or active cooling. A passive wine cellar is located in a subterranean (underground) or cave-like environment that takes advantage of the consistently cool conditions of its natural surroundings. An active wine cellar uses a cellar cooling system to create temperature and maintain humidity. Both passive and active wine cellars are ideal for aging wine as long as the conditions remain consistent and the wine is not subject to sudden temperature fluctuations.

    If your wine cellar requires active cooling from a cellar cooling system, it must be properly insulated and sealed. All walls, ceilings, and floors must be wrapped in plastic to create a complete vapor barrier. R13 insulation should be applied to the walls, and R19 or R-30 insulation should be used on the cellar ceiling. Fiberglass or foam insulation is often used in cellar construction. Proper insulation will help the cellar maintain the best environment for wine year-round.

    In addition to creating the proper conditions, wine cellars need sturdy wine racking to organize wine and keep it in the proper orientation. The ideal orientation for wine is horizontal, meaning the bottle is stored on its side. In the horizontal position, the liquid inside the bottle keeps the cork consistently moist, allowing it to maintain its seal and prevent oxidization. There are many different styles of wine racking that will keep the wine in the horizontal position, including traditional wood wine racking, metal wine racks, acrylic wine racks, peg racking, wall-mounted wine racks, and more.

    Are you ready to create a custom wine cellar that fits your space, style, and budget? Vinotemp has been building custom wine cellars for over 30 years. Our work can be seen inside homes, popular hotels and resorts, bars, restaurants, and country clubs. Contact us today with the details of your project to get started.