Medium Capacity Wine Fridges

Medium Capacity Wine Fridges

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    If your collection is between 38 to 66 bottles, a medium capacity wine refrigerator will be perfect for you.

    The majority of our wine coolers are designed with adjustable shelving, allowing you to store a variety of bottles sizes and shapes. Medium capacity wine fridges are great for your kitchen, dining room, home bar, or guest house.

    11 products

    Medium Capacity Wine Fridges Details

    A medium-capacity wine cooler is perfect for growing wine collections. Mid-sized wine fridges are small enough for a house or apartment while large enough to house all your favorite wine. With Vinotemp’s wide range of wine coolers, you will surely find the perfect wine cooler.


    What is a Medium Capacity Wine Cooler?

    Medium-capacity wine fridges are larger than wine coolers holding less than 25 bottles but smaller than those housing 200 bottles or more. Within the category of medium-capacity wine fridges are units that can hold between 38 to 65 bottles. Mid-sized wine fridges provide the ideal, temperature-controlled environment for wine. Wine prefers a cool, dark space with little to no movement with just the right amount of humidity. Since most homes do not have room for a wine cellar, many wine lovers opt for a refrigerator. A wine cooler is convenient because it requires little to no assembly while providing many of the same features that wine cellars have; temperature control, insulation, protection from UV rays, and sturdy racks that securely hold the bottle.


    Features of a Medium-Capacity Wine Fridge

    Medium-capacity wine refrigerators have all the best features to organize and store your wine under the best conditions. The interior of each wine cooler contains durable racking that will cradle each bottle in the horizontal position, preventing seepage by keeping the cork moist. Interior lighting illuminates the contents of the wine fridge, making it easy to select a bottle to open. Insulated, dual-pane glass doors allow you to view your wine without opening the door. Some medium-capacity wine fridges feature multiple independent temperature zones, so you may store wine at serving or storage temperature or divide your wine by varietal.


    Should I Buy a Freestanding or Built-in Wine Refrigerator?

    Medium-capacity wine refrigerators are available for various installations, including freestanding or built-in. Units engineered with a front vent can be built into existing cabinetry for a seamless look. Freestanding wine coolers require little setup and can be used in different rooms but should not be placed inside cabinetry, under the counter, or beneath a table. Within the mid-size category are 18-inch wine fridges, a popular size for those who want an under-counter unit. Select coolers are made with reversible door swings, which means you can have the appearance of a double wine fridge by installing two appliances side-by-side.

    What are the Benefits of Compressor-Based Cooling?

    Most wine coolers utilize a compressor-based cooling system for temperature control. Compressor-based wine coolers offer powerful cooling technology to ensure your wine stays at the ideal temperature, maintaining a steady temperature between 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, compressor-based wine coolers can withstand a wider ambient temperature range between approximately 41 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.   

    What is Better, a Wine Cooler or a Wine Cellar?

    Wine Coolers and wine cellars have unique properties while sharing some of the same features. When choosing between a traditional wine cellar and a wine cooler, the primary deciding factor is budget. Wine cellars cost significantly more because they are custom-built and require professional installation. Time can also influence decision-making because wine cellars take more time to build, whereas a wine cooler is ready to use once delivered to your door. Wine cellars are also much larger than wine coolers and not practical for small space dwellers. Wine cellars may require a dedicated room, closet, basement, or building. Both wine cellars and wine refrigerators provide the ideal storage environment for wine. Still, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, space-saving, and easy wine storage solution, a wine cooler is the ideal choice.


    How to Find the Best Wine Fridge

    Vinotemp has a diverse catalog of wine coolers sure to meet your needs. We have the best storage options, whether your wine collection is small, medium, or ever-expanding. Before purchasing a wine cooler, consider how you would like the wine fridge to work for you. Are you purchasing a wine refrigerator to serve as a place to store bottles at serving temperature for an upcoming party? Are you buying a wine fridge to house your bottles long-term? How often do you purchase wine? How quickly do you consume wine after purchase? Do you need more space for future bottles? Is the wine your purchase made for long-term storage? Preparing yourself beforehand with this information will help you make an educated purchase.


    Buy a medium-capacity wine cooler today. If you have questions, contact us by using our Contact Form.