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    Proper temperature for the storage of wine?

    To preserve bottles for as long as possible wine should be stored at approximately 55° Fahrenheit/ 13° Celsius.

    Why should I buy a wine cooler?

    Wine coolers are a space saving storage solution. They create a perfect balance of temperature and humidity for the aging of wine. If you have limited space or have a small to medium sized collection, a wine cooler is a great option.

    What is the difference between a free standing wine cooler and a built-in or under counter cooler?

    Built-in coolers are designed to operate within a confined space due to their front exhaust. Since free standing coolers have rear exhaust, they require at least 6 inches of clearance at the back. Improper clearance means that the unit will build up heat within the cabinet which may damage its contents and cause the cooler to overheat.

    Can I store other beverages in this cooler?

    You may, however, since the temperature of this cooler is maintained at a constant 55° Fahrenheit/ 13° Celsius your beverage may not be cooled to your liking. Also, keep in mind that storing oddly shaped bottles may decrease the bottle capacity of your wine cooler.

    What is the best way to clean my wine cooler?

    To reduce the risk of electrical shock, make sure you unplug the unit before cleaning. Use only a mild, nonabrasive cleaner to clean the exterior of the cabinet. Always dry all parts with a clean dry cloth before returning the parts to the cooler or plugging it back in.

    Can I use an extension cord?

    We strongly recommend against the use of an extension cord. However, if you still select to use one, it is necessary that it is a UL Listed 3-wire grounding type appliance extension cord. The marked rating of the extension cord should be 115V, 15A, or equivalent and not greater than 15 ft. in length.

    How should this unit be installed?

    Make sure you are placing the unit on a solid, level surface. Places you should NOT install your Vinotemp wine cooler: in direct sunlight, moist areas, or anywhere its weight will not be supported. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for detailed clearance guidelines for built-in and freestanding wine coolers.

    Where should I install this wine cooler?

    Some ideas: in the family room, living room, kitchen, home bar, dining room, luxury bedroom, or den. In addition to residential spaces, Vinotemp wine coolers make a great addition to any restaurant, bar, country club, or hotel.

    How do I adjust the temperature of my wine cooler?

    If you have just received your cooler you must unlock the control panel first. Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions on how to adjust the temperature of your cooler or turn on the light.

    How can I store both red and white wines in this cooler?

    Single zone wine coolers and do not have separate compartments for red and white. However, if you would like to store both varieties in your cooler, you may store white wine towards the bottom of the cooler where the temperature is cooler and red towards the top. Multi-zone coolers have independent temperature zones in which you may store red or white wine at their ideal temperatures.

    What is the difference between direct cooling and air cooling?

    In coolers with direct cooling (ex: freestanding units such as VT-28TS or VT-48TS), the evaporator is exposed inside the cabinet. The interior cold air is circulated through convection with no interior fan. The temperature difference of the upper and lower zones varies by 8 degrees. In coolers with air cooling (ex: built-in styles such as the VT-155SBB), a fan is located in front of the interior evaporator. A combination of convection and the fans circulates the cold air throughout the cabinet. The difference in temperature between the upper and lower zones varies by 3 degrees.

    What are the Best Vinotemp Wine Refrigerators

    The best Vinotemp wine refrigerators will keep your wine in a secure and temperature-controlled environment. Powerful cooling systems built into each refrigerator will maintain a steady temperature, perfect for wine storage. Vinotemp wine refrigerators have sturdy wine racking that will hold each bottle horizontally to keep the cork moist and prevent oxidization. Interior LED lighting, doors with locks, built-in or freestanding designs, modern pole handles, and various finishes are just some of the exciting features of Vinotemp wine coolers.

    What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine refrigerator?

    There is no difference between a wine cooler and a wine refrigerator. The terms are used interchangeably.

    Are wine refrigerators worth it?

    Yes. Whether you have just a few bottles of wine or hundreds, a wine refrigerator is a worthy investment. When wine is stored improperly, it will not taste the way the winemaker intended. Storage conditions should mimic a traditional wine cellar or wine cave. Wine is delicate and requires a cool, dark, humid, and movement free space where it can rest until it is ready to drink. Under these conditions, your wine will taste its best when uncorked.

    Do I need a wine fridge for red wine?

    A wine fridge is needed for both red and white wine. Both reds and whites thrive in cellar-like conditions.

    Where should I put my wine fridge?

    Your wine refrigerator should be installed on a flat surface that can withstand the weight of the wine cooler when filled with wine. The wine fridge should be placed in an area where it will be out of direct sunlight and, unless specified, in an insulated room that is not subject to temperature swings. All wine refrigerators, whether freestanding or designed for built-in installation, have clearance requirements. Consult the owner’s manual for your wine fridge for exact clearance specifications.

    How cold does a wine fridge get?

    Many wine refrigerators can get as cold as 40◦F. The ideal temperature setting for most wine is 55◦F.

    What are the best wine refrigerators?

    The best wine refrigerators will keep your wine in the ideal environment while meeting the needs of your unique wine collection.

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    What is a wine refrigerator called?

    Wine fridge, wine cooler, wine chiller; these are all interchangeable terms that apply to a wine refrigerator. A wine refrigerator can be defined as a temperature-controlled appliance designed for the storage of wine.

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    How much does a wine fridge cost?

    The first cost to consider when purchasing a wine fridge is the initial upfront cost. This can be anywhere from $200 to $9,000+ depending on the refrigerator’s bottle capacity and features.

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    Should I buy a wine fridge?

    You may be considering buying a wine fridge if you are starting to collect more bottles than you consume, feel a need to organize your collection, and would like to take your wine hobby more seriously.

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    How Should Red Wine Be Stored?

    Red wine is best stored in a space that mimics that of an underground cave; with a consistent temperature around 55◦F and with relative humidity around 70 to 90%.

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    What is the best temperature to store red wine?

    On average, the best red wine storage temperature is around 55◦F, with temperature fluctuations inside your storage area that do not fluctuate more than 5◦F. You should store your wine in a spot where it will not be exposed to harmful UV rays, can lay horizontally, has proper humidity (ideally 70-90%), and is free from unwanted vibration. Ideally, the best place to store your wine is inside a wine cellar or cave.

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    How many years can you keep a bottle of wine?

    How long a bottle of wine will last depends on a few factors. First, is the bottle opened or unopened? If a bottle has been opened, it should be consumed right away. Second, how has the wine been stored? If wine has been stored improperly, it may have gone bad before you have even had a chance to pop the cork.

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    Will my wine cooler accommodate all bottle sizes?

    Vinotemp coolers are built to store standard 750ml Bordeaux wine bottles. Storing large or oddly shaped wine bottles such as magnums or champagne bottles will decrease the number of bottles you are able to store inside this unit. Some units are designed to store larger format bottles at the very bottom of the cooler.