Where Innovation Meets Reality

When it comes to building your dream cellar, Vinotemp International has you covered.

Having been a leader in the wine storage industry for over 25 years, Vinotemp has seen it all. With a diverse catalog including everything from custom wine cellars to premium wine coolers, Vinotemp’s true mission is to turn your imagination into reality.

Having partnered with other leading innovators in the industry, Vinotemp’s WineMate cooling systems are built to last. The three different options for installation allow you a greater range of versatility than other leading brands. Ranging from 1500BTU to 8500BTU, WineMate’s various self-contained systems have the controls built into the unit, condensing the space needed for installation. If you prefer to monitor and control the temperature of your wine collection from outside your cellar, WineMate also offers various ducted systems that allow you to place the controls outside your unit while air ducts direct cool air right where it needs to be. Don’t like the look of your condenser? Not a problem! WineMate offers a split system that allows you to place the condenser up to 50 feet away. Each unit undergoes a series of rigorous tests to ensure only the best quality.

Vinotemp’s Apex wine racks are designed and assembled in the USA and feature larger than average cubicles to best fit most bottles. According to India Hynes, President of Vinotemp, “Our mission is to provide a high quality product tailored to the customer’s desires” Apex also offers a variety of pre-set options to give you an idea of what they’re capable of. Shown below is an install of the Apex waterfall module with some standard racking to increase bottle capacity. The door is custom-made to the customer’s specifications and built into their den!