Are Outdoor Refrigerators Worth It?

Owning an outdoor refrigerator is a must-have luxury appliance, especially during the spring and summer.

If you entertain or cook regularly outdoors, you know it is inconvenient to go in and out of the house with drinks and food. Save yourself the hassle by installing an outdoor refrigerator in your backyard.

Benefits of Owning an Outdoor Refrigerator

There are clear advantages to owning an outdoor refrigerator. First, you won’t have to make tedious trips in and out of your home to grab drinks. Second, it is an extra storage space that allows you to stock up for guests and will free up space in your indoor fridge. Third, if you have a pool, it keeps wet house guests and family members from wetting your floors as they head inside to find snacks. Fourth, outdoor refrigerators are beautiful and stylish appliances that add a sense of luxury to your backyard. Lastly, a well-made outdoor fridge will be a worthwhile investment that lasts many years with proper care.

What to Know When Buying an Outdoor Fridge

There are a few important factors to consider when shopping for an outdoor refrigerator:

1. Outdoor refrigerators can withstand a wide range of temperatures, but they are not 100% weatherproof. Most outdoor refrigerators have an ambient temperature range from 30 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. When installing an outdoor refrigerator, install it under a countertop in a shaded area. Keep the outdoor refrigerator away from any appliances that generate heat, such as a stove or grill. Ensure there is a drain in your entertaining area to prevent standing water or flooding when it rains. If your area is subject to extreme temperatures outside your outdoor fridge’s ambient temperature range, temporarily move your fridge into the basement or garage to protect it.
2. Select an outdoor unit that is big enough to store as many drinks or snacks as you need. The average outdoor refrigerator is about 5.12 cu ft. Selecting an outdoor refrigerator with adjustable shelving will help you accommodate different bottle and can sizes. 3. You will need to know how the unit will vent to install it properly. If the outdoor refrigerator is designed for freestanding use, it should not be installed under a countertop. Built-in refrigerators can be recessed under a countertop or cabinetry if clearance guidelines are followed. Select the option that works best for your outdoor entertaining area.
4. Maintenance is very important for outdoor refrigerators. Since your fridge will be subject to the elements, you must ensure it stays as clean as possible. Remove any debris and dust from the exterior of the refrigerator and remove anything that may obstruct the exhaust, such as fallen leaves, etc. Regularly clean the inside of the refrigerator and remove expired food. This will prevent bacteria and mold from growing inside the cooler.

Outdoor Fridges are Worth It

An outdoor refrigerator is a convenient appliance with many benefits. You will have easy access to food and drinks, keeping your focus on having fun. Outdoor refrigerators should be installed properly to protect them from the weather and cleaned regularly. With the right care, an outdoor fridge will last for many years.

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