Where in the House Should You Keep a Wine Refrigerator?

A wine refrigerator is a great way to showcase, store, and organize your wine.

Owning an outdoor refrigerator is a must-have luxury appliance, especially during the spring and summer.

A good wine cooler is stylish and functional, adding a touch of luxury to the home. There are some important things to consider when choosing a location for your new wine cooler. Here is what you need to know before your new wine cooler is delivered.

Selecting a Location in Your Home

There are clear advantages to owning an outdoor refrigerator. First, you won’t have to make tedious trips in and out of your home to grab drinks. Second, it is an extra storage space that allows you to stock up for guests and will free up space in your indoor fridge. Third, if you have a pool, it keeps wet house guests and family members from wetting your floors as they head inside to find snacks. Fourth, outdoor refrigerators are beautiful and stylish appliances that add a sense of luxury to your backyard. Lastly, a well-made outdoor fridge will be a worthwhile investment that lasts many years with proper care.

What to Know When Buying an Outdoor Fridge

It is important to give your wine cooler the optimum location to ensure it functions for many years.

1. Select a level location that can withstand the weight of the wine cooler when fully loaded with wine.
2. Pay attention to how the wine fridge needs to exhaust. You must follow the manufacturer’s clearance guidelines to ensure it does not overheat. If the cooler is marked as freestanding, it should not be installed into cabinetry. If the wine fridge is designated for built-in installation, it can be installed under a countertop or cabinetry.
3. Install your new wine cooler where it will be out of direct sunlight. Sunlight is one of wine’s enemies and can speed up the aging process.
4. The ambient temperature of the space should also be taken into consideration. Most wine coolers can only operate within a limited ambient temperature range. The room should be insulated and maintain a steady temperature throughout the year. Most basements and garages are not properly insulated, so if you plan to install a wine refrigerator in one of these spaces, it is best to select a unit rated for outdoor use that can operate properly within a wider ambient temperature range.
5. To help your wine cooler blend in with a space, select a finish that matches existing appliances. For example, if you are installing a wine refrigerator in a kitchen with all stainless-steel appliances, select a unit that has a stainless-steel trim.
6. Your wine refrigerator will need a dedicated electrical outlet and should not be used with an extension cord.
7. While wine coolers are not noisy appliances, they have cooling systems that make noise, like a kitchen refrigerator. Install your wine cooler away from quiet spaces, like home offices or bedrooms, if noise is a concern.

The Best Room for a Wine Cooler

Now that we have reviewed the basics of what you need to know when picking a location, here are some ideas to help you select a room in your home. The kitchen has always been a popular location for wine coolers. You can install a built-in wine cooler under the kitchen counter and have easy access to wine. The dining room is another location where you may need wine nearby to serve your guests. A home bar is a logical location for wine as you can store wine and wine accessories in your bar area. If you already have a wine cellar, you can add a wine cooler to the space to store wine at its serving temperature. If you dream of putting a wine cooler in an outdoor entertaining space, select one rated for outdoor use.

Add a New Wine Cooler to Your Home Today

A wine cooler will surely compliment any room in your home. Once you factor in a few important installation considerations, your wine cooler will last for many years and provide you with convenient access to your favorite bottles. Whether you are storing a dozen bottles of wine or three hundred, Vinotemp has a large assortment of wine coolers that will look beautiful in your home.

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