What are the Different Types of Ovens?

Choosing the best oven for your kitchen can be tricky because it is an appliance you will use for ten years or more.

Whether baking bread, cakes or roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving, the oven is the heart of your kitchen. There are many different ovens, and picking the best one should be based on your cooking habits and budget. Here is our guide to the different types of ovens available.

Before You Buy

Before committing to a new oven, you will need to iron out a few key details:

1. What is your budget? Ovens range in price from $600 - $8,000+ (USD, as of spring 2021).

2. What type of connection is currently available in your kitchen? Will you need a gas or electric oven? If none is available, will you need to hire a contractor?

3. What is your style? Are you looking for a modern stainless-steel oven or something more contemporary in a bold color?

4. How much space do you have available? Are you in a small space with only room for a countertop oven?

Knowing your budget, style, and where in the kitchen you will be installing your new oven will help you make an informed purchase that you will be satisfied with for many years. Let's review the most common types of ovens on the market today.

Types of Ovens


Freestanding Ovens: A freestanding oven has an oven on the bottom and a cooktop on top. This space-saving 2-in-1 option is convenient because it can or cannot be recessed into existing cabinetry. Most freestanding ovens are available in a standard 30-inch size, which means that once it is time to replace your oven or cooktop, you can slide it out of the space and slide the new one in. Unfortunately, since the oven is on the bottom, you will need to bend down when taking food in or out.

Built-in (Wall) Ovens: A built-in or wall oven is installed into a wall and surrounded by cabinetry or is installed underneath a countertop. Its built-in feature takes advantage of vertical space. Since the oven is higher, it is easy to take food in or out of the oven or monitor the food as it is baking.

Toaster Ovens: Toaster ovens can be used to both toast bread and pastries and bake smaller items. They are highly portable and perfect for those who live in smaller spaces that only cook for 1-2 people. Toaster ovens are priced economically and are much cheaper than traditional ovens.

Convection Ovens: A convection oven, like a toaster oven, is a countertop appliance. Convection ovens are designed to circulate hot air, resulting in food that is evenly cooked. Today, most convection ovens have many settings, including air frying, slow cooking, proofing, and roasting.

Microwave Ovens: A microwave is another freestanding or built-in appliance used to reheat or cook food. Like toaster and convection ovens, they are perfect for small spaces and are also budget-friendly. A microwave oven uses a magnetron electron tube to produce microwaves. These microwaves are what cooks the food.

Whether you are searching for a traditional oven where you can bake pizzas and muffins or a streamlined countertop oven you can use to toast your bagels, there is an option on the market to match your budget and space. If you are still having trouble selecting the best oven for your home, contact our sales experts for advice with our Contact Form.