There is Always Room for Wine…the Vinotemp Blog

There is Always Room for Wine…the Vinotemp Blog

Humans have been making, storing and drinking wine for over 8,000 years and today, we find that things have changed little and that wine is still the cornerstone of modern life.

For decades, collecting wine has been the privilege of the upper class, fine restaurants and luxury hotels. Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic shift from the private and corporate collector to that of the everyday homeowner. We have seen a change in the buying habits, as consumers have gone from purchasing one or two bottles for self consumption and entertaining to that of a serious collector or investor. In a recent report from the Wine Market Council, millennials, people ages 21 to 38, purchased 159.6 million cases of wine last year, or about 42 percent of all the wine consumed in the United States.

Wine storage is one of the fastest growing segments in residential design, be it an under-counter wine cooler, built-in wine locker or custom wine cellar, how we care and present our collection has now become as important as the wine itself.

Vinotemp is a 30 year old, family business, based in Southern California. Founder, Francis Ravel, was born in Casablanca, French Morocco, fought with the French Foreign Legion, landed in Hollywood as leading man. After a lengthy movie career, Francis found his true passion of making and selling his own wine. This simple turn of fate lead to the need to store his collection. A man ahead of his time, he was the first to introduce the idea of placing a cooling unit into a sealed wine cabinet, and “viola”, Vinotemp was born. From these humble beginnings, Vinotemp has grown to be recognized worldwide as designers and innovators of architectural wine solutions, including cooling systems, built-in wine-coolers and bespoke wine-furniture.

In this blog, I hope to share with you the art and science that reflects modern wine storage, through the proper care and handling of your small or large collection. As the founder of Vinotemp, Francis Ravel, once said, “How you store and present your wine is a reflection of both you and your collection”.

I look forward to your questions, and comments.


Kevin Henry is an internationally recognized industry mentor, designing, writing and speaking on a variety of topics, including kitchen design, the art and science of wine storage and environmental issues. Mr Henry can be reached for comment or questions at