Maximize Your Space with Stylish and Functional Wine Cellar Racking

Custom Wall Divider Wine Cellar with Metal Racks

Make the most out of your wine cellar and create your wine racking system for maximum storage, functionality, and visual appeal.

Whether you have a large basement cellar or a small space within your home transformed for your wine collection, no cellar is complete or functional without wine racks. From all-wood wine racking built for bulk storage to wall-mounted racks that display your finest labels, the right racking design can help you maximize your storage space and cellar functionality while adding to the ambiance and visual appeal of your space.
suspended racking
Custom Cable Wine Racking by Vinotemp

Storage Space:

In essence, there are two categories of wine racks: those that store individual bottles and those that are built for storing multiple bottles in one space (bulk storage). Knowing the size of the bottles you plan to store and how you plan to purchase in the future (size of the bottle and the quantity) will help you choose the best type of racking for your space.

Individual bottles: Single label storage makes it a lot easier to display and find the exact bottle that you need; however, this type of racking generally takes up much more space. The individual cubicles in single label racks can also be customized to hold various sized bottles – a plus if your collection is comprised of various sized bottles.

o Individual racking styles: Wall-mounted wire racks, display racking, individual diamond bins, acrylic wine racks, peg wine racks, etc.

Bulk storage: Bulk storage racks are much more space conscious and allow you to store and access multiple bottles of wine in one area. This type of racking is especially helpful in cellars that are tight on space, and for those who buy and store their wine by the case

o Bulk storage styles: Bins and Cases, X-bins, diamond racking, case racking


When choosing your wine racking system, it is important to allow enough room to move about the cellar and access your bottles easily. Considering the size of your collection, the available space, and the primary purpose of your wine cellar will help increase the functionality of your space.

Entertaining: If you plan on entertaining in your cellar, you might want to consider adding table space, cabinetry, or a hanging glass rack to add space for decanting, storing accessories, holding tastings, etc.

o Racking options: Decanting, half-height racking with table-top, display racking, cabinetry such as a wine credenza.

Wine Maturation: If your cellar will be used strictly for the aging and maturation of your wine, you can focus on efficiency, organization and storage maximization.

o Racking options: Combination racking
all wood wine cellar
Combination of individual and bulk style wood wine racking in a residential wine room by Vinotemp

Pulling it all Together:

At Vinotemp, we understand that a great cellar starts with a great design. Vinotemp has worked with home owners, designers, and builders all over the world to provide beautiful, functional and one-of-a-kind wine cellars. Whether you plan on using modular racking kits or having a custom racking system built for your space, our excellent CAD design team is here to help you visualize and create a beautiful, unique wine cellar that takes full advantage of the space available.
3 wall cellar
Custom Wine Cellar with Zero-G Racking by Vinotemp