Is Vinotemp a Good Brand?

For close to four decades Vinotemp has grown a reputation within the wine industry of being one of the top brands for wine storage solutions, cellar cooling systems, and wine accessories.

Vinotemp’s custom projects can be found in popular restaurants, hotels, resorts, bars, and more. While these luxury wine cellars are certainly impressive, Vinotemp does offer wine storage solutions that are widely available at big-box retailers. With price points both high and low, its no wonder Vinotemp has become a household name for both novice and serious wine collectors.
residential glass wine cellar
Custom Wine Cellar by Vinotemp

The Vinotemp Origin Story

Vinotemp is a family-owned and operated business founded by Frances Ravel in 1985. Ravel began first by producing wine. It was during this time that he was introduced to the idea of using a cooling unit inside a sealed cabinet to store wine. At first, he had one factory make wine cabinets while another produced cellar cooling units. Ravel then began to build the wine cabinets himself. During the 1990s, he developed the Wine-Mate cellar cooling unit; the only UL approved wine cooling system of its time. His daughter worked alongside him for 15 years and is now the CEO of Vinotemp.

Vinotemp is a female-owned business and certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise by WBENC. Vinotemp is now home to multiple brands producing everything a wine lover could need for the storage and service of wine; from wine refrigerators to accessories, Vinotemp has a diverse product offering that is sure to please its customers.

Vinotemp Catalog

Vinotemp has expanded its catalog to sell more than just wine cabinets and cellar cooling systems. Vinotemp’s brands and product offering include the following:

Vinotemp: Designer series wine coolers, custom wine racks, furniture style wine cabinets, and more.

Wine-Mate: Designed and assembled in Henderson, Nevada. These cellar cooling systems are used to create the perfect environment for wine and other fine goods.

Epicureanist: Wine accessories including wine glasses, corkscrews, housewares, and more.

Apex: Custom wine cellars and saunas.

Element: Stylish, economical, and space-saving wine storage and serving solutions including wine coolers, wine dispensers, and ice makers.

Brama: European style kitchen appliances including dishwashers, gas ranges, and outdoor refrigerators.

Vinotemp’s Best Wine Coolers

Vinotemp has become a very popular brand for wine refrigerators. Our most popular wine refrigerator models include 6-bottle, 12-bottle, 15-bottle, 46-bottle, and more. No matter which Vinotemp model you select, most will include the following standard features:

• Thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling: All Vinotemp wine refrigerators include a cooling mechanism that acts as the workhorse of the wine refrigerator. These cooling mechanisms keep the interior of the cooler at the ideal temperature for wine storage and help to maintain humidity.

• Single-zone or dual-zone cooling: Some customers enjoy having multiple independent temperature zones. One zone can be used for storage while the other can be set to serving temperature. You can also use the multiple zones to organize wine by varietal.

• UV tinted glass doors: UV rays can negatively affect the way your wine ages. All of Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators include dual-pane glass doors and some with a protective UV tint. No matter which wine fridge you select, we do not recommend installing your wine refrigerator in a location where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

• Bottle capacity: Inside each wine refrigerator you will find high-quality racking ranging from standard wire racking to exclusive patent-pending styles such as VinBo™ racks that allow you to store the bottle with the label forward.

• Digital temperature control: The temperature control panel on Vinotemp wine coolers are located either inside the wine refrigerator or on the door. Digital temperature control allows you to easily adjust and monitor the temperature of the wine refrigerator simply by pushing a button. You can also use the control panel to turn the light on/off.

• Built-In or freestanding: Wine fridges are available with either front or rear exhaust. If the unit has a front exhaust it can safely be recessed into existing cabinetry as long as proper clearance guidelines are followed. If the wine cooler has a rear exhaust, it is designed for freestanding use only and should not be recessed into cabinetry.

• Interior lighting: To make it easy to select a bottle and to make a beautiful display from wine, Vinotemp wine coolers include interior lighting. Most recently, Vinotemp introduced Patented interior Backlit™ (baklīt) panel which allows the user to toggle between 3 different colors of lighting.

• Warranty: Most Vinotemp wine refrigerators include a limited warranty. For more specific details, please visit the unit’s product page. Many warranties can be extended by purchasing a New Leaf Extended Warranty.

Review of Vinotemp Wine Coolers

Our customers have given us praise for the following:

• Our customers love being able to select from either compressor-based or thermoelectric style wine refrigerators.

• While most wine refrigerator companies are focused on producing stainless steel wine refrigerators exclusively, Vinotemp enjoys giving its customers a wider selection that includes mirrored finishes, panel-ready units, all-black wine fridges, and more. This allows our customers to better match their wine cooler to their space. We also offer wine refrigerators in a variety of bottle capacities, from 1 to 100+.

• Excellent customer service: Our team monitors all reviews online and does its best to address any issues as quickly as possible.

We have received criticism for the following:

• Price: Vinotemp does its best to offer products at a price that will meet the needs of wine lovers. We believe you will truly find that our products are priced fairly, especially when compared to some of our most popular competitors.

• Comments on quality: We work very closely with our suppliers to put out a product we are proud to offer. Unfortunately, on occasion, we discover a mistake has been made and we do our best to work with the disappointed customer to replace their item within the warranty period or offer a solution for repair.

• Limited warranty: Our appliances all include a limited warranty. While we would love to offer an unlimited warranty, the cost would simply be too high for our customers. For this reason, we offer the option to purchase a New Leaf Extended Warranty which will add an extra 1-3 years to the existing warranty. If you have any questions or concerns about the warranty, please feel free to contact us.

Shop with Vinotemp for Quality, Value, and Service

Vinotemp’s primary goal is not just wine storage; it is providing our customers with Quality, Value, and Service. We want our customers to experience a high-quality product at an affordable price. With that product comes the added value of great customer service. When you purchase a Vinotemp product you are supporting a female-owned family operation. We hope you will consider becoming a Vinotemp customer and experience the advantage of partnering with a leader of the wine storage industry with nearly four decades of experience.

You can shop 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with our Contact Form.