How Deep Should a Wine Cabinet Be?

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A wine cabinet's depth largely depends on the cabinet's contents; the wine racking used, cooling system, lights, insulation, and more.

On average, the interior depth of a wine cabinet is around 24-inches, 27-inches, or 29-inches. Here is an introductory discussion about what affects the depth of a wine cabinet.

wine cabinet installed into wall
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The Type of Wine Stored

Most wine lovers are storing standard 750ml wine bottles that are approximately 12 inches in length. Most of the wine racks made today accommodate 750ml bottles unless stated otherwise. If you plan to store more than just average sized Bordeaux bottles, look for a cabinet that can accommodate unusual bottle shapes or one with a bulk storage area.

The Type of Wine Racking Used

When wine cabinets are produced, a good cabinet maker will do their best to accommodate as many bottles as possible inside. Cabinet makers may use various wine racks: one bottle, two bottles, or three bottles deep. Since many cabinets are made to order, this may largely depend on the needs of the customer. If you ask for a cabinet that can store bottles three deep, the cabinet itself will be larger to fit more wine.

The Cellar Cooling System

A cellar cooling system is designed to maintain a steady temperature inside the wine cabinet, ideal for the long-term storage of wine. A cellar cooling system may affect many features of the wine cabinet. If your cabinet has a cellar cooling system, the wine cabinet will be insulated to maintain the temperature inside. A cellar cooling system will take up space inside the cabinet. You can expect a cabinet with a cooling unit to be larger than one without.

wine cabinet installed into wall
Cooling unit inside wine cabinet


The last factor affecting the depth of the wine cabinet is the customer's specifications. If you plan to have your wine cabinet custom built to a specific space, then the cabinet's depth will change depending on the size of the space allotted. The area's dimensions will also affect the cooling unit used and the bottle capacity.

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