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Delicious Snacks to Pair with a Well-Stocked Home Bar

Whether gathering snacks for your next Netflix binge, super bowl viewing, or tasting party, today we are rounding up our favorite finger foods to serve guests. We are dividing each menu by drink of choice so you can have delicious treats on hand that will have everyone salivating.

Nibbles to Pair with Wine

Let us start with the drink we are most passionate about --- wine! Chances are if you have landed on this article you are already a wine aficionado with your own ideas for wine pairings. These are some of our favorites.

Best Bites with Tequila

Since tequila has its origins in Mexico, the instinctive pairing is with Mexican dishes. There is no reason, however, that you shouldn’t try tequila with other cuisines.
• Tacos, of course.
Guacamole and chips
• Roasted vegetables such as corn, tomatillos, and green peppers
Pork bites
Fried chicken

Snacks to Accompany Gin

Gin is versatile and pairs well with a range of eats. Since a gin & tonic is the most popular cocktail incorporating gin, we suggest lighter foods that are reminiscent of summer.
• Cheese – the stronger the better (ex: Manchego or Stilton)
• Smoked salmon
Cucumber tea sandwiches
Crab cakes

Vodka Pairings

Work your menu around items that are picked, cured, or smoked. These pairing suggestions are simple as many of them are readily available at your local grocery store.
• Creamy or salty cheeses
• Rye or pumpernickel bread/crackers
• Caviar
• Smoked sausages

Whisky Eats

Pairing whisky with food was once largely considered controversial. What tastes good with whisky depends on the variety you have on hand. There is room for experimentation here.
Pork ribs
• Anchovy-based spreads or dips
• Dried fruits and nuts
Bagels and lox
What are some of the foods you enjoy pairing with liquor? Are there any party staples you keep stocked at your bar? Leave us a comment and let us know.