Holiday Entertaining Tips

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The winter season is a festive time filled with joy and generosity.

If you are getting ready to celebrate with loved ones, you will surely want to create an inviting environment filled with the magic of the season, some delicious wine, and some yummy treats. With a few helpful tips, you can host a memorable event that leaves your guests feeling jolly. Here are five tips to help you set the mood.

1. Use your best serving trays and real plates. By using real serving dishes and plates instead of disposables, your guests will know you care enough to use your finest. Using a beautiful wood pedestal for cakes or charcuterie will add height and style to any table. You can also add finishing touches by using linen napkins and real cutlery.

2. Add ambiance to the room with candles. Place candles on the dining room table, along your fireplace’s mantle, or carefully tucked into the corners of your home to add a soft, beautiful glow to your home.

3. Create a drink serving station. If you are serving wine, be sure to decant it ahead of time to ensure it tastes its best once guests arrive. You can set out several decanters filled with different wine types to try and leave out clean wine glasses for guests to use.

4. If you would prefer not to cook a full holiday meal, you can always invite guests for cocktail hour. This is an easier way to host because you won’t be burdened by cooking everything from scratch or stress over catering. Offer your guests delicious drinks and serve an assortment of charcuterie to nibble on. Use a stylish serving tray like the one below to display cheese and crackers, dip, or desserts.

5. Don’t forget the ice. It may be cold outside, but you’ll undoubtedly need ice at some point. You may have to chill champagne or keep other drinks on ice. Use a stylish ice bucket to keep your ice cocktail ready.

Happy holidays to all of our customers. We hope you will enjoy the season. If you need assistance selecting a wine storage solution or picking out that perfect gift, please contact us with our Contact Form.