Gifts for Wine Lovers that Travel

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Gifts for Wine Lovers Who Love to Travel

Part of the pleasure of traveling is tasting the local wine and maybe even bringing some wine home with you. Here are some gift suggestions that any wine lover will put to good use while they are away on their next vacation.

Epicureanist Wine Bottle Bubble Bag

If you are going home with a wine souvenir, you want to ensure that wine is protected while travelling. To avoid wine stains all over the contents of one’s suitcase, try a wine bottle bubble bag. Inside this bag the wine is cushioned by protective bubbles plus an adhesive seal to keep the wine from leaking everywhere. A handle at the top makes the bubble bag easy to carry.

Epicureanist’s Waiter’s Corkscrew

This compact corkscrew is an all-in-one tool. It includes a knife to remove the foil, a curved handle for an ergonomic grip, and a stainless-steel worm with lever. This corkscrew also features a handsome wood handle.

Wine Carrier

Two bottles of wine, a corkscrew, and multiple wine accessories can fit inside this genuine leather bag. The inside features cushioned storage to ensure your bottles are safe. The shoulder strap and top handle make it easy to transport to a picnic or out to dinner.


Why just enjoy wine? For those who would also like a cocktail (though we would not stop you from adding wine), try a flask. Their compact size makes it easy to stow away inside luggage or a purse. There is even a flask with its own straps that you can carry as a purse.

Stainless Ice Sphere

Cooling wine while traveling can be complicated. Instead of opting for the hotel ice machine, try placing a stainless ice sphere inside your room’s refrigerator freezer. Then, add to your glass when you are ready to drink some wine or a spirit. Bonus: the sphere will cool your beverage without diluting it.

Pourer & Stopper

This set of 2 lightweight pourers are great at multi-tasking. Each pourer has a built-in filter to prevent sediment from reaching the glass while aerating the wine. An attached lid seals the wine to prevent any leakage or oxidization.

Do you enjoy wine tastings while you travel? What are some of your favorite accessories to pack that enhance your wine experience? Comment below and let us know.