Emerging Wine Trends for 2020

As the wine industry enters a new decade, there are a few trends to take note of.

An industry that was once very classic or traditional must now adapt to value-oriented customers desiring ethically-minded products. Here are some of the biggest trends we will see this year.

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Lower Alcohol and Lower-Calorie Wines:

As more and more adults try to reduce their alcohol intake and take charge of their overall wellness, expect to see lower alcohol and lower-calorie wines on the market. Low alcohol means less than 13% ABV.

Canned Wine:

While wine in a bottle is not disappearing any time soon, the alternative to purchase it in a can is becoming increasingly popular. Wine in a can is perfect for those who want to take wine on-the-go as it is lighter to carry and will not shatter when dropped.

Creative Packaging:

In addition to the can, look for wine in creative packaging that seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of the consumer such as Tetra Pak and single-serving containers.

Wine with a Conscience:

Buyers now want to know exactly how their wine was produced and who was producing it, favoring wineries with sustainable practices, happy employees, and female owners.

Natural Wine:

Building on the desire for ethically produced wines, more wines will be labeled “natural”, which is a very broad (and sometimes controversial) term. It can mean that the winemaker used fewer additives and/or used stricter organic or biodynamic farming practices.

wine dispenser in red kitchen
Vinotemp’s WineSteward™ dispenses wine-by-the-glass and preserves it for weeks


This is by no means a new trend, but one that is continuing to evolve. As new methods of preservation are introduced year after year, enjoy high-end wine by the glass while truly preserving its freshness becomes increasingly feasible.

Cannabis-Infused Wine:

In states where it is legal, expect to see more wine that is cannabis-infused. In many areas, cannabis and alcohol cannot be sold under the same roof, so wine infused with cannabis will have 0% alcohol content.

Which of these trends are you looking forward to trying? Comment below and let us know.