Can I Store a Wine Bottle in a Wine Rack that Does Not Have a Cork in It?

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What do you do with an open, unfinished bottle of wine?

There is no need to waste leftover wine, pouring it down the kitchen sink. By taking the proper steps to store it, you can still enjoy your leftover wine for several days.

stopper in wine bottle

The first step to preserving leftover wine is to prevent further oxidation. Preservation can be achieved by simply placing the cork back into the bottle, using a bottle stopper, or sealing the wine with a combination of a vacuum pump and seal. The longer your wine is exposed to air, the more it will lose its flavors and aromas. Alternatively, you can transfer any unused wine into a separate bottle that has a screw top closure.

Next, you should keep your wine inside a cold environment. You can store it inside your refrigerator for a few days. While the refrigerator's cold temperature will not prevent the wine from breaking down, it can significantly slow the process. You may store your leftover wine inside the fridge for two to three days.

Should you place an open bottle of wine on a wine rack, even if you have sealed it with a stopper or replaced the cork? The answer is no. If the bottle is opened, it should be closed and placed inside a refrigerator or other cold storage. If you put an open bottle of wine onto a wine rack, the liquid inside will spill. Wine racks are designed to store sealed bottles of wine.