Build Wine Knowledge

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Fun Beginner Friendly Ways to Build Your Wine Knowledge

Even the most knowledgeable sommeliers had to start somewhere on their wine journey. While breaking into the wine scene may feel intimidating, it does not have to be. Below we discuss how to become well versed in all things wine, all while enjoying yourself.

Read and Research

Your desire to learn more about wine is as limitless as your imagination. There are many books on the topic as well as apps you can download to your smart phone. Before uncorking a bottle, try using an app to scan its barcode and learn more about its origin. Visit your local library (or your favorite search engine) and start reading about the different wine regions around the world. Look up the history of wine and explore how it was stored and shared over hundreds of years. You have the potential to become your friends’ and family’s own local wine expert.

Attend Tastings

Attending a tasting will allow you to learn and sample many different types of wines. Sign up for your local wine shop’s email list. Follow your favorite vineyards over social media and see if they will be hosting a tasting near you. Be sure to bring a notebook or use an app on your phone to take notes on which wines you love, why you love them, and also note which wines you do not enjoy. Keeping tasting notes will help you make a decision when it comes time to purchase.

Enroll in a Class

You can elevate your wine knowledge even more by enrolling in a class. You can find classes at colleges, wine shops, and even some private classes advertised within the community. You can ask your local wine shop for a recommendation. A simple online search should also yield some results and you may even find there’s a great wine school in your area. Some restaurants also hold wine classes and will typically pair the wine with a tasty appetizer.

Use a Tasting Kit

Another fun way to learn about wine is to start your own club and invite friends and family to join. Each month, pick a host and ask all guests to bring a wine to share. You can also be more specific by assigning a theme or topic for each gathering and ask members to bring wine that fits the theme. Some ideas include a variety of wines from California or Australia, wine and cheese pairings, and/or an evening of only red varietals.

Start a Club

Available in many wine gift shops and also online here on, a wine tasting kit will build your wine knowledge by training your senses to identify specific aromas. Each kit includes instructions as well as a selection of common bottled wine essences like pear, peach, plum, pepper, etc. By practicing with a kit, you will train your senses to better appreciate the nuances of each wine.

Learning about wine does not have to be complicated. There are many ways to enjoy learning about wine. How did you learn about wine? Do you have a favorite book about wine?