Are Wood or Metal Wine Racks Better?

Custom Wood Wine Racks in Wine Cellar

When shopping for the best wine racks for your wine cellar project, there are multiple options.

Wine racks made of metal or wood are amongst the most common choices as they offer longevity, versatility, and style. When comparing metal and wood, is one better than the other? Read on to find out more.

About Wood Wine Racks

For decades, Vinotemp has offered its customers a variety of wood wine racks for their wine cellars. Wood wine racks are highly durable and look beautiful in traditional and contemporary wine cellars or cabinets. These stylish handcrafted racks are designed in the USA and made for at-home assembly. You can expect wood wine racks to age well and last for many years. Vinotemp’s wood wine racks are available in pine, mahogany, and premium redwood. Each wood type has its unique properties:

● Redwood for Vinotemp’s wine racks is sourced in Northern California, which means they are mildew, rot, and pest resistant. Mildew and rot resistance is important in a wine cellar as the preferred environment for wine is cool and damp. Redwood contains natural oil that helps to preserve the wood. It is also beautiful in tone and ages well.
● Mahogany is another great material for wood wine racks. Like Redwood, it is resistant to mildew, rot, and pests. Unlike other woods, Mahogany does not have a strong odor, which means its smell will not permeate the wine’s cork and affect its taste. Mahogany is a sturdy and attractive wood suitable for wine cellars.
● Pine is a popular option for wood wine racks. Pine is a softwood known for its warp resistance. Pine does have a strong odor.

About Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks are stylish, versatile, and durable. Designed for various installations, metal wine racks are available in wall-mounted, freestanding, floor, or cabinet installation. Metal wine racks can be wall-mounted to create a beautiful display of wine. They are also useful when space is limited since they can be installed from floor to ceiling. Metal wine racks are stunning when a floating effect is desired in modern spaces. Vinotemp’s catalog of metal wine racks include:

• Steel rod racking
• Modern peg racking, which holds each bottle with the neck facing forward
• Secure hold wine pegs that display the bottle with the label out
• Modern black pins
• Wine pegs available in 2 and 3 bottle capacities
• Single bottle wine racks
• Classic epic metal wine racks in a variety of colors
• Stackable wire racking
• Magnum wine storage
• Plus, floor-to-ceiling frames, island display racks, and more

silver peg wine racks on wall
Contemporary wine cellar with metal peg wine racks

Should I Buy a Wood or Metal Wine Rack?

Whether you should purchase wood or metal wine rack largely depends on how much space you can dedicate to your wine collection and your style preferences. Wood wine racks must be installed on level flooring, requiring a larger space. Most metal wine racks are designed to be mounted on the wall, making them perfect for smaller spaces. Wine lovers who prefer a more modern look prefer metal wine racks. Wood is often the preferred material for those who love a more traditional style.

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