Are Wine Dispensers Worth It?

It may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but if you often open a bottle of wine and end up with leftovers, then a wine dispenser can help you cut down on waste. Let’s break down what a wine dispenser is and its many advantages.

What is a Wine Dispenser?

A wine dispenser is an appliance that allows the user to both preserve and dispense wine. The storage area of the wine dispenser is insulated and sealed to keep the wine at the ideal temperature. The wine is uncorked and loaded into the appliance and a gas and wine tube are inserted into the bottle. Food safe gas such as nitrogen or argon replace any oxygen inside the bottle which help to preserve the wine. To dispense wine, the user pushes a button to select from wine by the ounce or free flowing.

Wine dispensers have many advantages, including:

In addition to size, you will also want to keep some other important factors in mind.:

● Wine dispensers can preserve open bottles of wine for several weeks.
● Wine can be dispensed by the ounce.
● Wine dispensers can save you money by reducing wine waste.
● Wine dispensers are compact and can be installed on a countertop.
● The wine stays secure inside the dispenser.
● Wine dispensers are perfect for wine tasting parties, homes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and more.
● The wine remains at the perfect serving temperature while inside the wine dispenser.
● Wine dispensers are easy to use!

Wine dispensers offer many benefits to wine lovers. Have more questions about wine dispensers? Contact Vinotemp today with our Contact Form.