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Stop Yulin Festival

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which happens every year on the summer solstice, is a particularly disturbing display of the dog meat trade.

This "festival" has some 10,000 dogs slaughtered and served up as meals every year since starting in 2009. Dogs are openly killed in crowded marketplaces, on the streets, and most shockingly next to elementary schools, imposing bloody and cruel practices on vulnerable members of society. Beating and killing these struggling, crying dogs in full view of other terrified dogs showcases an industry that is devoid of humanity.

Vinotemp is against the cruelty of dogs and believes this festival should be stopped.

rescued dog

There is no administration staff, so 100% of the proceeds will go towards the medical attention and care for these rescued animals.

Vinotemp will match donation contributions up to $10,000 for this cause to provide vet supplies and money for the local monks to help provide care and save the dogs. We are united in stopping this cruel event and any donation will help towards saving these dogs.

rescued dog 2

We have supported other charitable organizations in the past like the Marine Mammal Center.