Tech Watch: Wine Chillers (from The Daily Iowan)

Tech Watch: Wine Chillers (from The Daily Iowan)

June 19, 2009

Tech Watch: Wine Chillers


College students tend to like their wine like they like their “Pokey Stix” — in a big-ass box (Franzia style). But for those classier folk who enjoy downing the liquid from a bottle — yet continually find themselves having to tailgate with a warm beverage — the electric wine chiller might just be a godsend.

The types of coolers are as varied as Perez Hilton’s hair color. Some are big, others are small, and prices range from a mere $20 (for the poor college student) to more than $100 (for the hard-core connoisseur).

With the variance in price comes different features. Take the expensive versions of the high-tech gadgets. The ‘Vinotemp,’ a product available for a mere $99, offers speedy cooling and warming settings, 10 possible temperatures levels, and a button to control the temperature for long periods of time (those connoisseurs enjoy sipping the bottle for hours, unlike the pregaming party-loving UI students who just want to glug and go).

For college chicks wanting to have a get together with some white wine and an all-night viewing of “Sex and the City” but can’t be bothered to buy the vino hours in advance, the $59 “Waring Pro Wine Chiller” might just be a key asset. It’s a little pricey, but for technologically advanced wine coolers, it may be as cheap as they come. The gadget chills the fruity beverages on command, a necessity when trying to make it through Carrie and Big Parts 1 through 125 in a single night.

The cheapest wine coolers are, unfortunately, quite low-tech. There are many various sleeves that can be thrown in the freezer overnight and come with the promise of chilling a bottle quickly for upwards of three hours. But let’s be honest, for those who think that’s a good idea, just buy the wine in advance and save $9. It’s the technology that makes chilling a bottle of wine on command super-cool.

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