July 28, 2015

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LOS ANGELES (July 28, 2015) – Vinotemp®, a recognized leader in the wine storage, technology and goods industry for 30 years, today announced Jenny Hardy as director of development. Hardy’s goal is to bring Vinotemp, efficaciously, into its third generation by building upon Vinotemp's time-trusted expertise to provide the latest and greatest answers for the customers of this booming wine lifestyle brand. 

These goals align perfectly with Vinotemp's existing trajectory and ethos, founded by Francis Ravel, one of the first Apple distributors. Whilst tinkering around between his computer and homemade vintages, Ravel came upon the idea of placing a cooling unit into a sealed wine cabinet to better preserve his product offering. His experiment was a tremendous success and led to the creation of Vinotemp – a family-owned design and distribution company dedicated to providing the best in wine storage solutions. 

Today, in its second generation, Vinotemp is led by Ravel’s daughter, India Hynes. A hands-on leader and innovator, she’s expanded product offerings, founded sister companies, and spearheaded Vinotemp’s online presence. Currently, recognized as an international leader in the wine storage category, Hynes continues to push Vinotemp forward and has expanded the company’s scope, as well as design, while opening a corporate office. 

Entering its third generation, Vinotemp and Hardy's focus is to enhance entertaining by merging Vinotemp's quality and experience with modern innovations that the consumer desires. Hardy will continue to work directly with Hynes to advance product development, better community engagement, and further the company's efforts to curate the next best experience in the wine lifestyle space. 

“We are excited to welcome Jenny into the Vinotemp family,” states India Hynes, CEO of Vinotemp. “She is a prodigy – her unique vision, knowledge of the global market and sheer enthusiasm for the future, make Jenny an integral addition to our team and a necessity for the continued growth of Vinotemp’s business.” 

Previous to Vinotemp, Hardy helped to optimize the efforts of numerous corporate, governmental and charitable organizations, including the United Nations (UN), Recipco, Summit, and GameChangers 500. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and completed her graduate studies in international human rights law and business development at the University of Oxford. Hardy's efforts at Vinotemp have already garnered a scholarship offering on the Hive Global Leaders Program and participation with Effective Altruism Global at Googleplex.