Vinotemp featured in Alister & Paine!

Vinotemp featured in Alister & Paine!

October 31, 2013

Vinotemp International was recently featured as the leader in Luxury Wine Cellars by the editors at Alister & Paine, a boutique digital magazine that provides business advice and elite lifestyle information to successful business executives.  Vinotemp is thrilled to have been highlighted in this publication, as Alister & Paine prides itself on traditional journalistic values, never being influenced by press releases and only writing from personal experiences with companies, brands, and products.   In this featured they emphasized the importance of proper wine storage and expressed their confusion on why so many individuals take excellent care of their watches, jewelry, shoes, and fine china, but can forget to give the same care and concern to their wine, another luxury item that needs to be kept in a specific type of environment.  As Alister and Paine eloquently state, “each bottle of wine is a story, a memory, an investment; a purchase of purpose.” 

Francis Revel, the innovator and inventor of Vinotemp International, understood this importance, which led to his creation of placing a cooling unit inside a sealed cabinet to create the optimal controlled atmosphere for wine to age appropriately.  His love for wine and eye for design, led to the expansion of the company that now produces a multitude of different wine storage options, including the patented Wine-Mate cooling system.  Today, Francis Revel’s daughter, India Hynes, is the president of Vinotemp and has continued his legacy of producing fine quality wine cabinets, coolers, and cellars that juxtapose the same design and functionality that made this innovative company so successful. 

Take care of all your luxury possessions and don’t let your best bottles spoil due to improper storage.  Contact a Vinotemp cellar specialist today to build the wine storage of your dreams!  

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