Vinotemp Solves the Problem of Storing Wine On Board - Yachting Russia

September 01, 2011

Featured in Yachting Russia’s September/October 2011 issue, the editors of the publication named Vinotemp's Luxury Yacht Wine Cellars as the solution for storing wine on board. The article names Vinotemp as "the first to offer wine storage options for yachts" and includes information regarding the unique storage capabilities of Vinotemp yacht cellars.

Russia’s premier yachting magazine, Yachting Russia, is distributed to individuals, sports clubs, travel agencies, spas, hotels, banks, clubs, and boutiques throughout various regions of Russia.

Article translation:

Super yacht owners have always had a problem with storing wine on board. Vinotemp International addresses this issue and has recently added Luxury Yacht Wine Cellars to their portfolio. Making a wine rack for a yacht is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account the amount of vibration, temperature and humidity and, for added complexity, you must also take into account the salty sea air. Vinotemp specializes in wine racking and storage but now it is one of the first to offer wine storage options for yachts.

collage of yachts and wine cellar