Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System

Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System
Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System
Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System
Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System
Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System
Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System

Wine-Mate 4500SSW Split Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System

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The Wine~Mate 4500SSW cooling unit is a split system design with a capacity of 1000 cubic feet. Condensing units can be located away from the wine cellars up to 75 ft to isolate compressor noise and vibration. This cooling unit is designed to provide a subtle temperature between 50~65 °F for a properly insulated wine cellar. The humidity range of the refrigerated space can be maintained within 50~75% RH. These temperature and humidity ranges are optimized for long term storage of wine like that in natural caves. Multiple options of air-cooled or water-cooled condensing unit can suit various applications. There are ceiling mounted, wall mounted, rack mounted, floor mounted or ducted evaporator units to use with wine cabinets or wine rooms.

Wine~Mate cooling systems are also perfect for storing fine fur, cigars, leather goods, chocolate and salami! For an additional cost, Wine~Mate systems can be customized for your exact storage needs - please call for more information!

Detailed installation and clearance guidelines:
View the Owner's Manual for this unit (PDF)


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  • SPLIT SYSTEM COOLING UNIT – Wall-Recessed Wine Cooling System
  • SSW cooling systems consist of a remote condensing unit and an evaporator unit and they are connected by a liquid line and an insulated suction line.
  • SSW evaporator/fan units can be installed inside a wine rack or between two wall studs, making them an ideal choice for wine cabinets or small wine rooms as built-in installation.
  • SSW evaporator/fan units have a special coil coating.
  • SSW condensing units can be located away from the wine cellar up to 75 ft so that noise and compressor vibrations are isolated.
  • SSW condensing units shall not be exposed to temperatures higher than 110°F or lower than 50°F.
  • If the exhaust ambient temperature exceeds 110 °F, one size larger unit must be used.
  • Low ambient kit for below 50°F cold weather operation
  • TEMPERATURE: The WM-4500SSW cooling unit is designed to provide a subtle temperature between 50~65 °F for a properly insulated wine cellar.
  • AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RANGE: The ambient temperature range for WM-4500SSW should not exceed the temperature of the cellar by more than 25°F. Cellar walls should not receive direct sun or strong wind. Lighting should be low wattage and installed on a timer to ensure that lights are not left on when the cellar is unoccupied.
  • HUMIDITY CONTROL: The refrigerated space will maintain humidity within the range of 50~75% RH. We use an innovative method to provide additional humidity.
  • DISPLAY: Digital display with easy push-button controls
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Display notifications provide alerts help to protect your wine cellar and alert you when maintenance is required.
  • CONTROL PANEL: Control panel includes digital display, manual defrost button, up and down arrows to adjust temperature as well as browse parameters, power button, and SET button.
  • Outdoor enclosure is included with condensing unit
  • WARRANTY: 1-year warranty on parts, 1-year labor.

NOTE: Split systems must be installed by a certified refrigeration technician. Purchase does not include the copper tubing.
Wine-Mate split cooling systems use EC fan motors that meet federal regulation of 10 CFR 431.306 and are required by the federal law.


  • Evaporator Unit is ETL & NSF certified
  • ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: Evaporator Unit 115V 60Hz 1A, Condensing Unit 115V 60Hz 6A. The power cord must be plugged into a 3-prong grounding-type wall receptacle, grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 – latest edition and local codes and ordinances.
  • COVERAGE SIZE: 1000 Cubic Feet
  • NOISE: 56 dBA
  • CFM: 240
  • BTU/h: 4500


  • Optional Low Ambient Kit: Recommended for applications where the low ambient temperatures in the condensing unit mounting area will be between 0 and 50°F. Feature is factory-installed.
  • Temperature Control Panel with Heating Function: Works in conjunction with your home's air forced electric heater to ensure that your cellar never goes below the programmed temperature.
  • Touch button temperature controller with bottle probe or touch screen WiFi thermostat with humidity monitoring
  • Optional Wine Bottle Probe: Provides the most accurate reading of your wine's temperature. The probe measures the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle to ensure your wine is kept at the ideal temperature and plugs directly into your cellar cooling system.
  • Our new digital controller provides 3 connections. One of them can be used as bottle probe, the other can be used for the alarm. Both bottle probe and alarm feature can be available at the same time.
  • Please call us at 1-800-777-8466 to order this unit with any of the above mentioned options or non-standard configurations.
  • Note: The bottle probe, heating, and quick chill functions are not compatible with WI-FI thermostat.

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.
Prop. 65 Warning Label (PDF)



Do You Have the Right Wine-Mate Wine Cooling System For Your Project?

Find the best cooling system for your wine cabinet or wine cellar by calculating the heat load using one of our calculators.


Optional Wine Bottle Probe. The probe provides an accurate reading of the temperature of your wine.

You will have the following advantages of using a bottle probe.
1) Air temperature in the cabinet may fluctuate, but the wine temperature in the bottle is constant.
2) You can put a cooling unit in a full wine cabinet and show both the air temperature and bottle temperature.

bottle wine probe

Optional Wi-Fi Thermostat. The Wi-Fi thermostat helps maintain a wine cellar at perfect temperature for long term storage of wine.
wifi thermostat

Note: Wine-Mate cooling systems cannot have both the Bottle Probe and Wi-Fi optional features plugged in at the same time. It can only be one or the other.

Sound Level: 3 Feet from the Evaporator Unit in Cellar
dBA Sound Chart for Wine-Mate Split Systems


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Note: These cooling systems require professional installation by licensed refrigeration technicians.

Please allow 2-3 business weeks for production. Thank you.

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