Wine Storage Trends for 2021

As far as wine storage trends, many features and finishes remain timeless.

As far as wine storage trends, many features and finishes remain timeless. Sturdy racking, clean lines, and overall functionality will never go out of style. Beyond traditional styles, however, wine storage continues to evolve, and new trends emerge each year. Whether you are looking to update your current wine storage or invest in a new piece to house your collection, here are the top trends to consider for the new year.

In-Ground Wine Cellars

This first trend was first seen in luxury homes, but there is a reason why it is becoming an increasingly popular storage option. In-ground cellars take advantage of the naturally cool and consistent temperature of the soil. The ability to control the temperature passively makes the buried wine cellar an eco-friendly option because it does not require any electricity to maintain a steady temperature. Available in 250-bottle or 450-bottle designs, your new in-ground wine cellar will be the showpiece of your home while keeping your collection secure and in the perfect environment.

Sophisticated Black Wine Coolers

While stainless-steel will always be in style, wine refrigerators with black trim are becoming more and more popular. Black adds a modern, minimalist, neutral and grounding touch to any space. The beauty is that black looks great paired with just about any color, so there is no need to match finishes perfectly. The ability to match black with many finishes becomes incredibly convenient should you decide to switch out another appliance in the future.

cellar on side of kitchen
All Glass Wine Storage

All Glass Wine Storage

There is something beautiful, grand, and modern about an all-glass wine cellar. Not only does it serve as a functional space to keep your wine in the best environment, but it allows you to enjoy the beauty of your wine collection from every angle. An all-glass wine room gives the illusion your bottles are floating in your room. The transparency of the glass gives the feeling that your cellar is not taking up valuable floor space. You can expect to see more and more wine rooms and cabinets that double as art pieces.

Clear Racking

Building on the trend of glass, clear racking is in high demand. Clear, acrylic peg racks create the illusion your bottles are floating on the wall. You can install acrylic wine racks on your wall, taking advantage of vertical space while freeing up valuable floor space. The best part about peg racking is it is modular, which means you can add more racks as your wine collection grows. You can also arrange peg racks into a design of your choosing, adding a custom and eye-catching look to your space. Not a fan of clear wine racks? There are many other colors available.

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