Why Do You Hang Wine Glasses?

Keeping your wine glasses sparkling clean and well maintained is important.

Wine glasses are a critical element of the wine drinking experience because the right wine glass will enhance the flavors and aroma of the wine. How do you clean, store, and maintain a wine glass?

Cleaning Stemware

After the party has ended and it is time to clean your stemware, you may be tempted to toss all the dirty glasses into the dishwasher, but should you? Here’s how to clean your stemware:

1. Use a detergent with no odor for crystal stemware as the glass can absorb scents.
2. Wash your glasses by hand in warm, sudsy water using a soft sponge or cloth that will not scratch the glass.
3. Use delicate motions to clean each glass, paying careful attention to the mouth of the glass where there may be lipstick stains. You should also look for any fingerprints.
4. Dry the glasses thoroughly using a soft microfiber cloth.
5. If you choose to use the dishwasher, use a delicate wash cycle, and remove the glasses before the dishwasher switches to the heat cycle. Dry by hand.

Storage — To Hang or Not to Hang?

Wine glasses must be stored properly to keep them in great shape and prevent chipping. There are a few options for storage:

● Inside a cabinet: If you store your wine glasses inside a cabinet, place them with the bowl up and space them so that the glasses are not touching.
● Inside their packaging: Wine glasses can be returned to their packaging if thoroughly dried.
● Hanging: A hanging wine glass rack that holds the glass by its base is a great practical storage solution. Hanging wine racks help free up counter and floor space and can be mounted under cabinetry or from the ceiling. Not all wine glasses are suitable for hanging. Glasses with thicker stems and bases can be hung, but those with delicate stems should be stored in their packaging or inside a cabinet.

Benefits of Hanging Wine Glasses

Vinotemp has many different wine glass rack options.:

Are there any benefits to hanging wine glasses? In addition to freeing up floor, countertop, and cabinet space, some wine glasses do benefit from being hung. You should not hang wine glasses with thinner stems and bases, as we mentioned above. Hanging wine glasses can help prevent water residue as hanging provides enough air circulation to dry your glasses thoroughly. Hanging wine glass racks also adds style and elegance to a space while providing you with easy access to your stemware.

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