Why Do Wine Fridges Have Wooden Shelves?

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The rack inside a wine refrigerator plays an important role in the wine storage process.

The wine rack provides a safe space to organize and store wine. In general, most fridge wine racks will hold the bottle in the ideal horizontal position so that the cork remains wet. The wine racks inside the wine fridge will also be adjustable so that you may easily select a wine to drink or change the height of the shelf to accommodate different bottle shapes. Wine racks will typically be made from metal, wood, or a mix of the two. Metal seems like an obvious material choice since it is easy to clean, durable, and commonly used in many appliances. Wood, however, may feel like an odd choice. Is there an advantage to using wood wine racks in a wine cooler? Let’s explore that idea.


One of the most obvious reasons to use wood inside a wine refrigerator is style. Wood has long been a preferred material inside traditional wine cellars for several reasons; it is timeless, can last for decades, and ages beautifully. Adding wood to an appliance provides visual interest while giving it a traditional appeal. While some may choose to stain the wood wine rack, we do not recommend it, particularly when the rack will be used in a small space like a wine fridge. The odors of the stain or paint can permeate the cork of the wine bottle and affect the taste of the wine.


There are multiple reasons for using wood inside a wine cooler. Wood can absorb some of the vibration caused by the compressor system of the wine fridge. In addition to vibration absorption, wood is highly durable and can hold a lot of weight. Strength is important when you have a wine cooler designed to house hundreds of bottles. Depending on the type of wood used to construct the wine racks, they will withstand the cool temperature and humidity inside the fridge. Lastly, wood will not damage the labels of the wine bottle.

What About Metal Wine Racks?

Metal wine racks inside a wine cooler are an excellent choice. All Vinotemp’s wine cooler racks are designed with metal, wood, or a combination that looks beautiful and can hold bottles securely long term. Vinotemp’s metal wine racks are designed to protect bottles, not damage wine labels, and hold bottles in the ideal horizontal position. Some Vinotemp wine coolers feature a mix of metal and wood, with the wood added as a lip on the shelf, which prevents bottles from falling off the shelf when the shelf is moved.

As you can see, wood can be a stylish and practical material for wine racks used inside wine coolers. Whether you need wine racks for a wine cellar or a new wine cooler for your kitchen, Vinotemp has many options. Shop 24/7 at www.vinotemp.com or contact us today using our Contact Form.