Where Should Wine Cabinets be Placed?

A wine cabinet can be a beautiful and functional feature of any home or business.

Where you install your wine cabinet is important to the longevity of your cabinet and can also affect how your wine collection ages. Here are tips to help you choose a location for your wine cabinet.

Proper Placement

Selecting the proper location for your wine cabinet depends on five important factors.

1. Weight Load Factor: When fully loaded with wine, the weight of your new wine cabinet will be substantial. You must select an area where the floor can support the cabinet’s weight when stocked. For example, a wine cabinet that holds 440 bottles of wine can weigh 1,430 lbs or more.

2. A level, hard, and flat floor is needed to support the cabinet’s weight and prevent it from tipping or becoming skewed over time.

3. Ambient Temperature: An active wine cabinet with a cooling system will keep wine at the desirable 55 degrees Fahrenheit if the maximum ambient temperature of the room does not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Selecting a room that is not exposed to hot afternoon sun and with proper insulation is important. Select cellar cooling systems can handle ambient temperatures above 80 degrees, up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Speak with a Vinotemp cellar expert if you are thinking about installing a wine cabinet in a room subject to temperature fluctuations.

4. Humidity Factor: Wine cabinets are designed to maintain humidity but not create it. Humidity is important to wine storage because it prevents the cork of the wine bottle from drying out.

5. Ventilation: The cellar cooling unit of the wine cabinet will need to exhaust. Depending on where the exhaust is located, you will need to account for proper clearance. For example, units that exhaust towards the rear need 6 inches of clearance away from the back wall to vent properly, plus 12 inches of clearance at the top and sides of the cabinet.

6. Noise: A wine cabinet with a cooling system will make noise and sound like a kitchen refrigerator. Place the cabinet where the noise of the cooling unit running and turning on or off will not disturb you.

Which Room?

Wine cabinets can complement nearly any space. Here are a few creative ideas.

● Dining Room: A wine cabinet installed in a dining room is convenient for easy access to your wine. Wine cabinets also add elegance and will surely impress your guests.
● Under the Stairs: Custom wine cabinets can easily be installed in the unused space under a stairwell.
● Unused Closet: Transform an old coat closet into the cellar of your dreams.
● Game Room or Home Bar: Need quick access to wine at all your parties? Add a custom wine cabinet to your game room or incorporate it into your home bar for instant access.
● Basement: Add a wine cabinet to your basement to keep your bottles safe from the traffic of your home.
● Wine Cellar: Add a wine cabinet as a focal point of your wine cellar. It can also house wine you will uncork soon or organize varietals that require special storage or serving temperatures.

A wine cabinet is a luxurious and functional addition to any space. Have more questions about wine cabinet placement? Contact Vinotemp’s cellar experts today with our Contact Form.