Where Do You Hang a Wine Rack?

Mounting a wine rack on a wall has many advantages, from transforming your wine collection into a beautiful art display to freeing up floor or counter space.

Wall-mounted wine racks are available in various materials that will complement any room, from rustic to modern. Peg wine racks, metal wine racks, and cable wine racks are just a few of the different styles available. Whether you are storing six bottles or a few hundred, you will want to ensure the rack is mounted securely and does not cause long-term damage to your walls.


There are a few wine storage basics to keep in mind when picking the best spot for your wall-mounted wine rack. First, do your best to give your wine the ideal environment. The best place for wine is inside a dark room that maintains a steady temperature (ideally 55◦F) and humidity between 70-90%. Keep your wine out of direct sunlight. You should also pick a spot with limited foot traffic to prevent unwanted vibrations and prevent people from accidentally knocking a bottle of wine off the rack. Next, you should mount your wine rack in a location that can withstand the weight of the wine once the rack has been fully loaded; this can be the stud in the wall or, for ceiling-mounted racks, the joist. Selecting a sturdy location will prevent any unwanted accidents.

Tips for Installation

Your new wine rack will include detailed instructions, which you should follow in close detail. Here are a few tips to consider:

• When selecting your location, consider whether you will be adding more wine racks in the future as your collection grows.
• You will likely need a pencil, measuring tape, drill and drill bits, hammer, stud finder, wood screws, and toggle bolts. For ceiling-mounted wine racks, you will need eye hooks.
• When fully loaded with wine, many hanging wine racks will weigh 100 pounds or more.
• For wall-mounted wine racks, installing the wine rack onto a solid wood backer or set of studs is ideal. Wood is stronger than drywall.
• If you are placing wine racking over a tiled wall, find out what material is underneath the tile before mounting.
• If the wall you are mounting your wine rack on is made of stonework, you will need masonry anchors.
• A wine cellar, pantry, unused closet, dining room, or home bar are great locations for a wine rack.

A hanging wine rack can free up valuable floor and countertop space while keeping your favorite wine within reach. Vinotemp offers a variety of hanging wine racks in a variety of materials, from metal to acrylic. Please speak with one of our cellar experts about which wine rack is the best for your collection by contacting us with our Contact Form.