What's the Best Wood for a Wine Cellar?

Wine racks are made from many different materials.

Wood, metal, ceramic, and acrylic are just a few examples. When it comes to wood, the type of wood used to make wine racks can make a big difference. Wood can affect the wine cellar's look, the longevity of the wine rack, and even the taste of the wine. Wood is most often used to construct wine racks because it can withstand a wine cellar's cool temperatures and humidity. You will also notice that many wine cellars feature wood flooring for this same reason. Let's explore some of the different types of wood used to make a wine rack.

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Redwood is the best kind of wood to use inside a wine cellar. Redwood is primarily sourced from the damp forests of Northern California, which means it is naturally resistant to mildew, rot, and pests. Mildew and rot resistance is important because wine cellars are cool and damp environments. Redwood also has a natural oil that helps to preserve the wood. Redwood has a beautiful tone and will age well over time.

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Mahogany is another suitable type of wood for wine racks. Like redwood, it is resistant to rot, mildew, and pests. It does not have a strong smell, which means there is no chance of odor permeating a wine's cork and affecting the taste. It is a good, sturdy wood suitable for a wine cellar.

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Pine is another popular wood used for wine racks. Pine is a soft wood and may not be as warp-resistant as mahogany or redwood. Like cedar, pine has an odor that may permeate the wine bottle's cork and negatively affect the taste of the wine.

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The type of wood you select for your wine rack can influence your wine cellar's look, longevity and smell. Redwood, mahogany, and pine are all suitable options for wine racking. If you need assistance picking the best wine rack for your project, feel free to contact us with our Contact Form.