What's the Best Type of Oven for Home Use?

Both home and professional chefs use ovens to make delicious cookies, roasts, cakes, and more.

The oven is arguably the most important appliance inside a home. Picking the right oven will ensure it lasts a long time and meets the needs of your household. Here are some things to consider when searching for the perfect oven.


As with any appliance purchase, you will want to plan how much you would like to spend on your oven. The price of an oven will depend on how many features it includes. A range will include both a stove and an oven. A wall oven is only the oven, so you need to leave room in your budget for the cooktop.

Location and Size

Whether planning a kitchen from scratch or shopping for an oven to fit into an existing space, knowing where your new oven will be installed is important. If you plan to install the oven into existing cabinetry, you will need to know how large or small the oven should be. You will also need to keep your oven away from other appliances that should be away from sources of heat, such as your kitchen’s refrigerator.

Gas or Electric?

Ovens are available in both gas or electric. For kitchens without an existing gas line, an electric oven is a good match. Electric ovens are popular due to their lower price and their ability to cook food quickly and evenly. Gas ranges have long been a staple of the kitchen because they heat up quickly, reducing the time needed to preheat an oven. Gas ovens are also great at multi-tasking and distributing the heat at multiple levels, which means you could easily roast a chicken on the top rack and roast potatoes on a lower rack.

Oven Type

There are several different types of ovens to choose from:

● Freestanding Oven: Sometimes called a range, the oven is located on the bottom, and a cooktop is on top.
● Built-in Oven: Also known as a wall oven, this type of oven is installed into the wall and surrounded by cabinetry. Built-in ovens may also be built under a countertop.
● Convection Oven: A convection oven is a countertop applianced designed to circulate hot air for even cooking.
● Toaster Oven: Popular in homes and dorms alike, a toaster oven is used to toast bread, pastries and even bake frozen pizzas.
● Microwave Oven: Microwaves are available for freestanding or built-in applications. Microwaves use a magnetron electron tube to produce microwaves that heat the food.


Whatever the style of your kitchen, there is an oven to match it. Ovens are available in various colors, from black, red, white, and more. Stainless steel is a timeless finish that never goes out of style. Other popular metallic finishes include gold, copper, and more. Ovens also have colorful features, like different colored knobs and handles.

Single or Double Oven

How many ovens are practical for your kitchen? A double oven gives you the convenience of two ovens, providing you with ample room for baking. One oven can be set to the right temperature for your meal, while the second oven can bake dessert. Two ovens can be impractical for households who do not love to bake or who do not enjoy entertaining.

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