What Type of Wood is Often Used in Wine Racks?

For hundreds of years, wood has been used to make wine racks and wine barrels.

Wood has been favored in winemaking because it can withstand a wine cellar’s cool and humid conditions. Wine racks are most commonly made from redwood, mahogany, or pine. All three of these wood types are suitable for long-term wine storage and come with unique properties.

About Pine

Pine is categorized as soft wood. While pine is suitable for wine racking, it is not as warp-resistant as mahogany or redwood. Pine is popular because it is economical, but it may have a slight odor.

About Mohagany

Mohagany is a sturdy wood with many favorable characteristics. It is rot, mildew, and pest resistant. Mahogany does not have a strong odor, leaving zero chance of the smell permeating the cork and tainting the taste of the wine.

About Redwood

Redwood is considered the best wood to use inside a wine cellar. Redwood is sourced in Northern California, where forests are cool and damp. These growing conditions result in a material that is resistant to mildew, rot, and pests. Additionally, redwood ages as gracefully as wine.

Other Wood Types

Redwood, mahogany, and pine are the most common types of wood for wine racks, but many other kinds of wood are suitable for cellaring. Here are a few to consider:

● Cherry: Cherry wood has a rich and warm tone.

● Walnut: Walnut is a hardwood that is easy to work with and prized by furniture and gun makers.

● Maple: Maple has long been favored by furniture makers for the small knots on the wood.

● White Oak: White oak is a medium wood that has beauty and character.

● Red Oak: Red oak has a lot of shock resistance.

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