What Should You Look for in a Beverage Refrigerator?

Adding a beverage refrigerator to your kitchen, home bar, or man cave is the perfect way to add both convenience and luxury to your home.
A beverage refrigerator is an appliance designed to store everything from canned drinks to bottled water. Before you buy a beverage refrigerator, you will need to determine some important factors to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping for a new beverage cooler.


The price* of a beverage refrigerator will range from inexpensive to luxury depending on the size and features of the unit. Commercial beverage refrigerators with customizations are higher in price and may have a longer lead time. Basic countertop, freestanding beverage fridges will range from $400 to $700 depending on the size. Premium beverage coolers with multiple temperature zones or other added features will range from $500 to $4,000+.

*Prices listed as of 2021. Pricing is subject to change.

Storage Capacity

Beverage coolers are available in a variety of sizes. Smaller countertop models can accommodate 24 cans, the perfect size for a dorm room or office. Larger beverage refrigerators have ample room for 100 cans and 100 wine bottles or more, great for those who love to entertain.


Knowing where you plan to install your beverage refrigerator is important for several reasons. Units designed for freestanding use should not be placed under a countertop or recessed into cabinetry. If a beverage cooler is made for built-in use, it can be recessed into cabinetry by following the proper clearance guidelines. Also, you will want to determine if you would like your new beverage fridge indoors or outdoors. Beverage coolers made for outdoor use can withstand a wider ambient temperature range, while indoor models should only be installed in insulated spaces with no temperature fluctuations.

Standard Features

Beverage refrigerators are available with a variety of features to keep your drinks cold and organized, including:

● Sturdy racking to accommodate cans or bottles
● Digital temperature control panel with a temperature range between 39-65 degrees Fahrenheit
● Single or dual temperature zones that make it easy to store beer, water, sports drinks, wine, and more
● Interior lighting that makes it easy to find drinks
● Insulated doors that lock in the cool conditions
● Door locks to keep the contents of the cooler safe
● A stylish exterior to complement any space

When shopping for a beverage refrigerator consider your budget, storage capacity, location, and basic features. The perfect beverage cooler for you is the one that can match your specific needs. Need assistance buying a beverage cooler? Contact our team of experts with our Contact Form.