What is the Thermoelectric Wine Cooler?

Wine refrigerators have become a popular storage solution because they are cost-efficient, can store a reasonable number of bottles, are widely available, and easy to install.

Wine fridges have many of the same benefits as a traditional wine cellar; they maintain a stable cool temperature, include sturdy wine racking, and many have dual-paned or UV resistant glass doors to protect wine from harmful UV rays. By keeping your wine inside a wine fridge, your wine will age in its ideal environment and develop the taste and aromas intended by the winemaker.

At the heart of the wine cooler is a cooling system that works to maintain the perfect environment for wine. There are two different types; thermoelectric and compressor. Both are efficient at cooling though there are notable differences. To help you make an informed purchase, we will explore thermoelectric wine refrigerators and their pros and cons.

How does a thermoelectric wine cooler work?

Thermoelectric wine fridges use a design inspired by the Peltier effect. An electric current is used to create a temperature differential between the inside of the cooler and the external environment. The system utilizes a metal rod which is electrolyzed. The heated end faces the exterior to remove the heat from the interior of the wine cooler. The cooler end faces the interior. Similar to the compressor wine cooler, a small fan distributes the cool air throughout the inside. There is no alternating mechanism and no motors or compressors to create excessive noise or vibrations. These units are generally quiet but there may be a small amount of noise coming from the fan. Due to the temperature differential, freezing does not happen. The equipment will typically cool the inside of the cooler ten to twelve degrees colder than the ambient environment and will maintain this temperature automatically.

What are the benefits of owning a thermoelectric wine fridge?

Thermoelectric wine fridges have a few benefits:

• Quiet: Since they use fewer moving parts, they operate quietly with minimal noise from the fan.

• Easy to install: Thermoelectric wine refrigerators are designed for freestanding operation, which means they can simply be plugged in and powered on to use.

• Cost less: Thermoelectric wine coolers are generally priced lower than compressor coolers.

• Energy-efficient: They use less electricity than compressor coolers.

• Wine fridge vibration: Thermoelectric cooling systems produce minimal vibration which is ideal for storing wine.

What are the disadvantages of owning a thermoelectric wine cooler?

While thermoelectric wine coolers are a great storage option, keep in mind the following:

• Less efficient cooling: Thermoelectric fridges are more sensitive to their ambient environment than compressor-based wine refrigerators. They work best when installed in a space that naturally maintains a cooler temperature.

• Lower storage capacity: Many thermoelectric wine coolers are designed to hold smaller collections.

• It may take longer to cool the wine, especially if the ambient environment is warmer.

• Since nearly all thermoelectric wine refrigerators have rear exhaust, they are designed for freestanding use only.

• Note for California Customers: Not all thermoelectric wine refrigerators have passed the Appliances Energy Regulations required for sale within California. Please look for the CEC (California Energy Commission) label when making a purchase.

Can thermoelectric wine coolers be built in?

If you decide to purchase a thermoelectric wine refrigerator, you should not recess or build it into existing cabinetry. It is very important to follow the clearance guidelines provided inside each unit’s owner’s manual and leave sufficient room on all four sides to ensure the cooler is exhausting properly. Vinotemp does not recommend installing a thermoelectric wine fridge in a warm or uninsulated room (such as the garage).

Popular styles of Vinotemp thermoelectric wine coolers

Vinotemp has been producing thermoelectric wine refrigerators for many years. Some of our most popular wine coolers include:

• Thermoelectric wine cooler dual zone: Many thermoelectric units have two independent temperature zones. This allows you to store different varietals at their ideal temperature or designate one zone for serving temperature and the other for storage.

• Thermoelectric wine cooler single zone: For those who own varietals with similar temperature needs, a single zone cooler will suffice.

• Thermoelectric wine cooler 8 bottle: The majority of thermoelectric units have a smaller storage capacity, ranging from 6 bottles, 8 bottles, 12 bottles, and more.

• Countertop wine cooler: Since thermoelectric wine coolers are lighter in weight, many can be placed on a countertop. No more bending over to select a bottle of wine.

When it comes to preserving your collection, Vinotemp has many thermoelectric wine refrigerators to choose from. You can check them out here. If you have any questions or need assistance picking the right wine fridge for you, please feel free to contact us with our Contact Form.